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The most fundamental aspects to any country’s defense system is  counterterrorism programs which are intended to capture  terrorists, derive from them credible information, and shield innocent  citizens from attacks. Recently, America’s strategy has been criticized from overseas and within the country for being too insensitive and contradicting civil liberties. It is imperative to note that our counterterrorism units endanger their lives to protect  other people and to arrest those who intend to harm us.

The analysis of the Al Qaeda trainingmanual which clearly states that their primary goal is to ‘’bring down the godless administrations and their substitution with powerful Islamic government’’ further shows us that it is vital to have a strong counterterrorism program to keep civilians safe.. From September 11th, 2001, American intelligence agencies and law enforcement agent have upgraded their programs that are intended to locate, arrest, and question terrorists in order to deter future attacks.

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The strategy implemented to locate, arrest, and question them are the most contentious in the United States government. Tactics implemented include surveillance via satellite, call tracing, rendition, and interrogations using  coercive methods. Those who are liberal take offense in the methods used calling them barbaric, illegal, unconstitutional, and invasive. The terrorist manual clearly states Al Qaeda’s main missions as:

Gather information regarding the adversary: Abduct adversary personnel: murder enemy workforce and overseas tourists: liberating the brothers imprisoned by the enemy: Destroying and bombing embassies as well as essential economic centers. Due to this threats that we face today we must implement new counterterrorism strategies. In 2010  the United States is adapting a new way  to  prevent terrorism globally. The years subsequent to  the terrorist bombings of September 11, 2001, the United States concentrated on implementing hostile steps against terrorists and maintaining a hard stance with other governments which are foreign.

I would implement specific policy codes in the Department of  State  as follows:

(a) Commit all resources to bring terrorists to justice.

(b) Absolutely no negotiating with terrorists .

(c) Enhance counterterrorism power of allies all over the world.

(d) Segregate and coerce countries which sponsors terrorism.

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Additional fundamental counter terrorism strategies which I would implement based on analysis of the Al Qaeda training manual would be the elimination of  safe havens for the terrorists. Several safe havens have been stated in the manual. Terrorist use them to raise funds, organize, communicate ,plan, train and recruit in relative safety." Most prominent is the (FATA) Federally Administered Tribal Areas, in Pakistan which changed into safe havens in the late 2001 after the plunge of the Taliban. In Africa, Somalia and the Trans-Sahara are stated as safe havens.

Intelligence sharing would also be a very effective counter terrorism measure. Although there exists a National Counterterrorism Center, it lacks a culture of spreading information to the intelligence society. The war against Al Qaeda requires law enforcers to be able to fuse intelligence information, and open-source data and dispense it to the appropriate people in real-time .

Use of drones would also be effective against the Al Qaeda. Since the implementation of the training manual would require the Al Qaeda to set up training camps. The use of drones also known as unmanned airborne planes armed to assault terrorists as well as terrorist establishments would be a focal point counter terrorist tactic. While the moral values of drone attacks have regularly been contested against by the other governments, they evidently give a technique of eliminating terrorists with no  military presence.

Renditions would be my final counter terrorism strategy. In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, many people criticized the American government for renditions or covert kidnapping of alleged terrorists from 3rd party nations for interrogation. Renditions  would be a very efficient means in arresting international terrorists. Carlos the Jackal, the notorious assassin and terrorist, was caught by using rendition.

Although at the present moment use of renditions has been ruled out by the government. To guarantee that renditions are successful and don’t infringe human rights, firm principles should be followed concerning holding locations, manner of cross-examination, proof against the suspect and time spent by the suspect without being freed or taken to court should. The chances of maltreatment are minimized by an endorsement through a confidential court or outside evaluation proceeding prior to carrying out the rendition.

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