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Free Example of Court Judges Essay

Court judges are persons bestowed with the authority to hear and make decisions on court cases. They are appointed to oversee court proceedings during criminal hearings and civil trials. Generally, judges in the court systems are expected to make assessments on various cases that are brought forward before them. As much as a lot of requirements are looked into before one is appointed as a judge, in many countries, there  are no laws  barring the appointment of a person as a judge on the basis of his/her age.

In the recent past, the question of whether or not to have older or younger judges in the corridors of justice has sparked numerous, hot debates and harsh arguments all over the world. One of the major issues that have attracted many people to these debates and arguments is a recent report on one of the longest serving judges in the world, Judge Wesley E. Brown of the United States District Court. Judge Brown, who is 103 years old, still handles various court hearings and makes judgments on various cases brought forward to him, despite his poor health and possibly retarded mental capability. For example, Judge Brown works in the court with a tube of oxygen supply connected to his nose. Furthermore, he is not strong enough to listen to court hearings that may take long durations. His poor health and incapability led to the emergence of numerous questions regarding his ability to handle court cases as well as the validity of his judgments. His retention in the legal and justice systems of the United States has left many people with more questions than answers on whether such old judges should be retained in the court systems or they should be sent home for retirement.

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In my opinion, I would argue that old judges have undisputable wealth of experiences which they have accumulated for a long period of time. This is because of their long-term involvements in the justice systems which have given them adequate exposure to various cases and legal practices. Through their long-term service in the court systems, old judges have been able to deal with various dynamic and challenging situations. Thus, old judges are more equipped with relevant legal skills and knowledge in the justice systems than their younger counterparts. As a common norm within the society, old people are usually regarded as people with vast knowledge and experience, hence they can give quality advice and judgments on various issues affecting the society. Usually, it is presumed that a person gathers more skills, knowledge and experiences as he or she stays longer in the professional field. This clearly explains why most people would prefer old judges or lawyers to younger ones.

Additionally, I would suggest that older judges have the capability to make quick judgments based on their implausible experiences in the justice systems. Old judges often require less references, fewer consultations and discussions in order to make their judgments. Usually, they often cite similarities with various cases that they may have handled before, hence have strong basis for reference. On the other hand, younger judges who are still new in the justice systems may lack this previous experience that would form a strong basis for their decisions and judgments. Consequently, young judges have to make numerous references from court files and other past records before they could deliver their judgments. Sometimes they also seek help and advice from more experienced older judges.

However, it is important to note that old judges may not be able to effectively embrace technological advancements in the court systems. For instance, some old judges may be unable to read data from database systems of the courts. Thus, the younger judges have an added advantage over old judges in this modern technological world.

Additionally, young judges are more conversant with current issues that occur in various parts of the world, such as globalization. Therefore, they can make better judgments based on current issues than the old judges who greatly rely on historical information.

Finally, I would conclude that judges should not be retained within the court based on their ages, but rather based on their competence and ability to deliver concise and reasonable judgments.

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