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Free Example of Cultures of India and America Essay

No two cultures can be same. Indian culture is unique within itself while American culture is a mixture of different culture. We cannot compare two different cultures due to its own comparison between themselves cannot be done. But the most important difference between these two is the family relationships.

Indians are family oriented but Americans are individual oriented. Indian have respect for elders and the family members where as this is not seen in the American family.  The American is goal oriented while Indians are family oriented. The Indian feel to keep there members happy and wishes to see each person as an individual among themselves, while this trend is not there in American.

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The American has a dominating nature while Indian has harmonical nature. The American has planned these things before unlike Indian it is not seen. American loves mobility while Indian has stability.  In the American we see the individual have self reliance in there nature while in Indian they are dependent. The Indian still follows the decisions of the elders but American makes there own decision.

But when it comes to competition, then Indians are more competitive than Americans. American has great regards towards the time and they know its real value but Indians are lazy.  But the summary has the following points to be revised as they are:

  1. American is individual oriented while Indians are family oriented.
  2. Indian respects there family values while the American follows the individual values which gets the prominence rather than the family values.
  3. Indians are more competitive then Americans.
  4. American believes the importance of time and its value while Indians are lazy.
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