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Free Example of Definition of Nonverbal Communication Essay

Unlike the common opinion, communication is not only about using voice and words. In fact, the main part of interaction process is based on using nonverbal methods of communication. Thus, the aim of this paper is to explore the role of eye contact, eye movement, gestures, and other nonverbal methods in conversations described in the article “Teaching without talking” by Jacqueline Hansen.  


The article explains the importance of understanding how nonverbal messages influence a conversation and the whole process of interaction between teachers and students. The author demonstrates a surprising fact that an average American speaks no more than 11 minutes a day and uses nonverbal means for communicating all the rest of time. Thus, Hansen argues the necessity for teachers to learn how to use body language in the education process (2010).

The author suggests that teachers should be able to teach without talking and using words. There are many factors that need to be taken into account while learning the tactics of successful nonverbal communication. First, interpersonal distance is a crucial point for establishing communication with students; it has to be adjusted according to cultural and social backgrounds of students. Moreover, maintaining eye contact, facing students, sitting at the same level, leaning forward in order to decrease physical distance are some of the methods that help to conduct friendly conversation with students. Monitoring facial expressions and using a touch can help teachers to decrease emotional distance.

Personal Reaction to the Article

The article supports the idea of eye contact and eye movement influencing conversations between people. I believe that eye contact has the biggest impact on the communication process since it enables people to understand if their interlocutors are friendly and if they are willing to communicate. For instance, lack of eye contact demonstrates that a person does not want to start interacting and communicating. Furthermore, I agree with the author of the article that facial expressions are significant parts of nonverbal communication that provoke certain reactions of interlocutors.   

I believe that advice that Hansen gives to improve nonverbal communication skills is completely relevant. Coming close to students every day, sitting side-by-side with them, showing respect by maintaining eye contact and greeting students in the hallway before they enter the classroom would be useful in order to develop friendly interaction with students. It would help to become emotionally closer and enhance communication in the classroom or any other situation.

Personally, I have noticed that it is crucial to take into account both kinds of communication in real life situations. Thus, I understand how easy it is to comprehend if a person means what he or she says, and what real thoughts and intentions of this person are.  

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Verbal communication – a process of interaction between people through using language and voice.

Nonverbal communication – interaction between people through facial reactions, touch, eye contact, gestures, etc.

Eye contact – one of nonverbal forms of communication that is based on a direct visual contact between two people.

Facial expressions – a gesture performed with facial muscles that might express sorrow, happiness, anger, aggression, and other emotions.

Gestures – a motion of some body parts that expresses certain emotions or emphasizes communication messages.

Interpersonal distance – a comfortable personal zone separating a person from others.

Communication process depends on both verbal and nonverbal kinds of  interaction that include eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, interpersonal distance, and other factors.


Thus, communication process equally relies on the verbal and nonverbal messages. Understanding the nonverbal communication is crucial in order to be able to establish good relationship, deliver your message in the most appropriate way, and show your attitudes.

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