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Sally Helgesenís dominant leadership style is authentic. Her leadership style consists of delegating duties to specific individuals and holding responsible for the success or failure of the assigned project. According to Sally Helgesen, this leadership style involves direct communication and these leaders judge success in terms of the relationships within the organization. In addition, these leaders value diversity usually because like her, they were outsiders and they therefore know the importance of a fresh pair of eyes (Iqbal, 2011). It must also be noted that these leaders cannot compartmentalize their lives which forces them to draw on personal experiences in the accomplishment of various tasks within the organization. Further evidence supporting her leadership style can be identified in the fact that she is skeptical about leadership hierarchies. She also prefers leading from the center rather than from the top in an authoritarian manner. These leaders therefore often structure their organizations to reflect this form of leadership. It must also be noted that this leadership style demands that the leader asks big picture questions to facilitate the entrenchment of the organizations vision in all its activities.†

Jim Madisonís dominant style was leader member exchange (LMX) because upon his entry into the Continental congress in March 1780, he focused on governing the war-torn American states using the Articles of Confederation. He was an avid supporter of a central government and he oversaw the creation of the Virginia Plan for the Constitution. He focused his energy on the creation of a new constitution and a free government. Evidence of his authoritarian leadership was seen the manner in which he handled major issues during his term as president like the trading dispute between Great Britain, the United States of America and France.† He declared war against Britain in the spring of 1812 at which point invading British troops burnt down the capital.

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Jim Madison focused on foreign policy during his term as president where he oversaw the reversal of trade embargoes against Great Britain. This meant that American cargo ships in the high seas would be spared the mistreatment they had been subjected to at the time. His authoritarian leadership style was again demonstrated when he rejected Albert Gallatinís resignation. Instead, he forced the Secretary of State at the time to resign. All the above mentioned instances demonstrate just how authoritative the fourth American president was.

Dr. Cookís dominant leadership style is the transformation leadership style. This is evidenced by the fact that he is a strong proponent of transformational leadership in which case features like charisma are valued in a leader. Dr. Cook believes that a leader should engage with others to create a connection that will raise the levels of morality and motivation in both the leader and his or her follower. This leadership style demands attention to followers helping them grow to achieve their full potential (Iqbal, 2011). In addition, it is important to note that a democratic leadership style often requires that the leaders in question be charismatic, meaning that they have an innate ability to inspire their followers. According to Dr. Cook this leadership style demands that the leader be a strong role model in addition to communicating high expectations to their followers. These leaders are also capable of meeting their own expectations. They are a template from which their followers can derive inspiration thus improving performance and overall productivity (Lussier and Achua, 2009).

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