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One of the most important resources to help students with dyslexia is available through official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, international journal with a discipline approach. Marjean Taylor Kulp et al. Pediatrics published online “Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and Vision” (August 26, 2009). It focuses on creating a well-informed environment for students with dyslexia who want to succeed in their studies. The purpose of the article is to help students with dyslexia, their parents, and teachers to cope with this impairment. Moreover, anyone, who is eager to know more about dyslexia and receive recommendations of experts and practitioners, can consult this publication online.

Evaluation of Treatment

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Dealing with students with dyslexia can often seem difficult and troublesome. This publication is a valid resource that can make the future of students with this disorder a lot better. Usually those students do not tend to communicate much with others. The official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics gives professional support those who need consultations in order to help students with dyslexia and other impairments. The article focuses on the problem of peers with learning disabilities in reading and writing. In order to prevent further consequences of dyslexia, it is important to realize the factors, which can help to overcome this impairment. The role of parents, educators and physicians is really very important in the process of treatment. The journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics is the best place to get information about detection, evaluation, and treatment of children with dyslexia are the triple responsibility of the educational system, parents and doctors.

Various Approaches and Methods

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One of the main focuses of this article is to discuss various approaches and methods that allow students with dyslexia to study and move forward in life. It offers the most effective methods of treatment. The response-to-intervention method of treatment, for example, is one of them. In order to achieve better results, such critical elements as individualization, feedback and guidance, and regular practice must be taken into consideration. Remediation programs are also used in treatment of children with dyslexia. They include specific instructions in decoding the words, fluency training, comprehension, and vocabulary. Multidisciplinary approach is a must in the process of detection, evaluation, and treatment of children with dyslexia. Research asserts that effective treatment of dyslexia depends on the mutual efforts of educators, remediation`s specialists, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, psychologists and physicians. Students with dyslexia should receive not only treatment, but also psychological support that could prevent them from low self-esteem.

It is highlighted in the article that children with dyslexia should be allowed to integrate with society in order to have a normal life. One can find recommendations of experts how to help children to overcome this impairment. For example, it is stated that students with dyslexia should receive individualized support and care, such as evidence-based educational interventions combined with psychological and medical treatments. The role of educators and parents should be also taken into consideration. One can find recommendations how to help children to be successful in their studies and enjoy life, and not to feel alienated from others. Once the reader goes through the article, a conception of how affected children should be treated becomes much clearer.


In conclusion, it has become obvious that the authors of the article tend to help people, who are searching for professional recommendations how to help and treat children with dyslexia. Once I go through this article, I will have much clear conception of how children with dyslexia should be treated in their lives. Therefore, to summarize this publication, it is worth mentioning that dyslexia is a complex problem, which requires proper treatment and psychological support. In order to prevent serious consequences in the future, students with dyslexia should be treated in the early childhood. Parents, educators, and physicians have to help children feel more comfortable in the everyday environment. 

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