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The article Ecological Genetics: Adaptation and Natural Selection by Thomas M. Smith and Robert Leo Smith touches upon such phenomena as natural selection, adaptation, genetic differentiation and the influence of environmental variation on them. What is more, phenotype processes, which influence genetic variation as well as phenotypic plasticity, were the research questions of study. The principal hypotheses of the authors were the phenomenon of environment being a key factor of evolution. They admit that “the process of natural selection results in changes in the properties of populations of organisms over the course of generations, by a process known as evolution”. Thus, the population of all species, which exist on the Earth, depends on the ecological situation. Furthermore, the evolutionary process has a considerable impact on the genetic variation and differentiation as there is an “interaction between genes and environment”.

 It is obvious that in order to provide only pure facts in the study, it was noteworthy to take into consideration some variables which play an integral role in the evolutionary process. First of all, it is alteration of the phenotypes distribution. If a profound change of environment is present, the phenotypes distribution shifts within the population of one or another species. It is obvious that another variable is environmental conditions which can also change. These conditions include precipitation, patterns of temperature, and seasonality. .

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The findings of the research prove the hypotheses of the authors of the article. These findings are not only theoretical but also practical. The theoretical aspects of the findings comprise the fact that “natural selection is the evolutionary force that has resulted in the genetic differentiation”. The practical value of the findings is the fact the authors used the example of finches which are known to inhabit the Galapagos Islands. The size of their beak has altered because of some ecological reasons. Seed is the major food resource for these species, and a regular rainfall is the reason for them to have enough food. On the other hand, a drought caused the decrease of the seeds amount and, in this way, possible immigration and mortality of these species was obvious whereas those birds which were peculiar for the large size of the beaks did not suffer from the decline of seeds amount as much as those one which had small beaks as they had an opportunity to consume the seeds of all sizes.

Moreover, it was noteworthy for the authors to quantify the information they have already gained. This was the reason why they used some formulas in order to make their investigations clear and exact. The symbols which are usually used for such kind of calculations were helpful for the authors. Furthermore, they made a profound analysis of all their evidences and observations in order to choose the necessary ones. Each component of the formulas comprised a well-researched data.

The results of the study are a considerable contribution to the research of evolution and ecology as they demonstrate that evolution and environmental situation are interrelated. The research under consideration is quite successful one so that no chosen variables should have been altered in the study. On the other hand, a follow-up study can be conducted on the case study which was described in the article. This study should focus on the forecast of any evolutionary changes which can be caused by such serious problems as the climate change or greenhouse effect. The calculations which were made in the research can also be a base for the follow-up study. Furthermore, they can provide information about those species which are going to in danger in the next decades or even centuries; in addition some evolutionary changes can be predicted by means of this research. If such kind of study is present, several problems can be prevented, and the problem of endangered species can be solved as soon as possible.

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