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Generation and Implementation of New Ideas at XYZ Incorporation. At XYZ Incorporation, new ideas arise as often as new changes occur in the operating environment. For example, a change in tastes and preferences of consumers would lead to development of new products and services to ensure continued satisfaction of the customers. According to Hays (2008), a good example of a company that has also embraced changes in consumer tastes and preferences when manufacturing its products is Coca Cola Company; it has been producing different brands of soft drinks to suit the tastes of its consumers. Similarly, employees also generate new ideas whenever they can. Indeed, at XYZ Incorporation, employees are valued based on their overall contribution and generation of new ideas in the organization. This implies that employees who add more value to the organization are rewarded more in order to motivate them. A policy of the organization requires that all new ideas generated must be critically analyzed and tested to determine their viability before they are fully implemented.

Overall Attitude of XYZ Incorporation towards Innovation and Change. In my opinion, I would argue that the overall attitude of the organization towards innovation and change is one that embraces innovation or creation of new ideas as well as change. One of the major strategies and policies of the organization in relation to innovation and change management is to freely adapt to environmental changes that provide profitable business opportunities to the organization. This usually entails critical analysis of innovation or new change to determine its ability to produce tangible results to the organizations.

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Secondly, the organization lays more emphasis on rewarding employees who bring about tangible changes or come up with new and innovative ideas that add value to the organization. Various employee reward schemes such as salary increments, promotions, assigning more responsibilities and recognition are used to motivate the employees to become more creative and innovative.

Thirdly, XYZ Incorporation provides continuous employee trainings and development to the workers whenever it intends to introduce changes in the normal operations of the firm. By doing so the employees are prepared to embrace and accept the new changes with ease. According to Green (2011) and Beerel (2009), prior training of employees before introduction of new changes in the organization also helps in reducing reluctance and resistance of employee towards the change. It also assists in eliminating possible difficulties that employees are likely to encounter when new ideas are introduced and implemented or when operational changes are made in the organization.

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Lastly, the organization upholds that changes in the society or the surrounding environment provide a valuable source of new ideas necessary for development of new products and services. In my opinion, the ability of the organization to highly embrace innovation and change as well as its positive attitude towards change has enabled it to continuously convert ideas into profitable products. This has ensured continuity, growth, development and profitability of the organization.

Recommendations for Possible Changes in Leadership of XYZ Incorporation that would Help Increase an Environment of Creativity and Innovation. In my opinion, the changes that I would make in the leadership of XYZ Incorporation would help to increase an environment of creativity and innovation includes setting of specific goals or targets that the organization aims to achieve. I would also ensure that the necessary resources required for implementation of the set goals are made available. I would also continuously empower the employees. This would help in keeping the employees focused towards achieving the set goals.

Secondly, I would break down all organizational barriers that are likely to hinder innovation and creativity within the organization, for instance, poor learning culture or bureaucracy within the organization. In addition, I would apply a transformational leadership style that encourages intrinsic motivation and psychological empowerment of the employees.

Thirdly, continuous employee coaching, rewarding and recognition would also help in creating an environment conducive for creativity and innovation. I would also recommend that the organization should integrate creativity and innovation into its core processes and operations. For example, Muller (2010) asserts that integration of creativity and innovation in the core processes of Apple Inc. helped the company in manufacturing high quality personal computers (PCs) that exceed consumers’ expectations. In my view, XYZ Incorporation can also replicate such strategies to become more profitable.

Finally, I would ensure that the organizational leadership encourages rapid decision-making and independent thinking amongst the employees. From my part, this would facilitate generation of new ideas by employees in the organization.

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