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After attending meeting in Water Pollution Prevention Agency I addressed the members who were present, and below is my comments and response I got from the committee members. First, I want to pass my greetings to the chairman, officials, guests and all members of Water Pollution Prevention agencies. I thank all the workers for the good work they have been doing to prevent pollution of water. The struggle to prevent water pollution has not only helped in determining improving water conditions but also has improved other sectors. It has reduced infection of many deceases and people’s health has improved. The environment has been kept clean, and we thank you who contribute to the improvement. All those who participate in one way or the other, we appreciate your work as community. We argue you to keep up the same spirit.

The efforts have been done but still improvement need to be done because their some areas which have been handled. There people dropping their garbage at rivers and some people use river water. The piped water is drowning from those rivers in which garbage is thrown. The water is still polluted, but the agency has made his best to prevent. There individuals who do not respect the work done by the agency, and they have made all efforts to be useless. Chemicals from industries are thrown to the rivers, and they contribute to water pollution. There many industries in various town which emanate gases in air. The gases evaporates to the clouds and form up rain. In turn people receive contaminated rain water which leads to crop death and pollution of waters in lakes, oceans, rivers and bowels.

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The issue of water pollution has remained unsolved. Many people have contributed to pollution of water and no action is taken to them. The government should assist the agency to fight against those individuals who pollute water. Industries have been registered by the government, but they still cause damage to our environment. The government should lay down regulation concerning production in industries. Water pollution agency has been trying their best but due to those few individuals in our country the services provided do not solve. My request is to the government to support the agency in prevention by prosecuting those individuals. Water Pollution Prevention Agency should improve is operations by fighting against the causes of water pollution than removing the waste from rivers. Mostly, water pollution is cause by third party while the agency is not concerned about the third party. Educating members of public instead of prosecuting them can be a good option, because when individuals have ideas of water conservation they will try their best to prevent pollution.

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After giving out my speech I received a response from different people in the meeting. Many of the people were happy with my statements and the resolution to the existing problem I mentioned. The chairman of the meeting gave out his views and said that those problems were of great concern to their side. He said that they had already started the education program but it was only that they would not reach all people at the some time. The issue concerning those who drop their garbage in rivers is well known to the agency, and they have already prosecuted many citizens. The chairman addressed the issue of industrialization and said that my point concerning industrialization should be put into consideration since many rich people in the county does things contrary to environmental laws and nothing is done to them. The meeting ended and the chairman thanked me for my contribution and said that whatever I mentioned will be effected.


Engaged citizen needs to prevent his country from risk and vulnerability. Those people who do not take care of the environment of their country do not support the growth of the country, and they can not be regarded as engaged citizens. Engaged citizens needs to support and enforce the laws of a country. Those who do not enforce or obey the laws of the country support the distraction of the country. For example, those who throw garbage into rivers and other water sources are engaged in polluting and destructing what the government is implementing. They can not be termed as engaged citizens. In order for an individual to be corrected he/she should be prosecuted for the destruction committed. When individual does mistake they do not admit. Many people use other means to justify their mistakes. For example, when individuals throw garbage to the river they argue that their culture permits the action or their religion requires them to do so at specific time.

Have learned that conflict can not end and problem must exist for the society to grow. Those individuals who throw garbage to the river create employment to the Water Pollution Prevention Agency. When the rivers are full of waste products casual workers are employed to remove the garbage. Incase of water pollution department of health gets work to do since many people are admitted in hospital. There forces 0of nature which drives people to do action because people are infected when they take dirty water but they still contribute in pollution.

In conclusion, the problem on earth can not end even if is given in the hands of professors to solve. The forces of nature must take action and make people to cause problem even if the problem affects their well being.

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