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Free Example of Ethical Perspectives Essay

Business ethics refers to a detailed analysis, examination and critical evaluation of how business organizations and their employees behave within the societies in which they operate. Business ethics concerns examination of the most appropriate ways in which organizations and businesspersons should conduct themselves in the world of business. In most cases, the conducts and behaviors of business entities are usually constrained by certain factors such as environmental protection and conservation, legal requirements and socio-cultural practices. Business ethics looks into details how the conducts of business organizations positively or negatively affect the wellbeing of individuals or other firms in the society.

According to Crane and Matten (2007), business ethics refers to the manner in which organizations observe the moral principles, values, beliefs and practices of the society. Business ethics usually concerns the behaviors of firms in relation to their service, effect of their products on the health and safety of consumers, procurement procedures, and compliance with regulatory legislations such as timely payment of taxes as well as the way of handling the employees by the organization.

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Numerous global organizations are often faced with unethical practices, either intentionally or unintentionally. It usually happens because they often operate in various societies that have diversified and different socio-cultural values, traditional practices and beliefs. Additionally, global businesses should always ensure that they are compliant with the rules and regulations imposed by the governments of host countries in which they operate. However, most global organizations find themselves in a fix as they attempt to comply with the societal values and beliefs as well as regulations imposed by the governments of host countries. A good example of such a global organization that has found itself between a rock and hard place with respect to business ethics is Nike Incorporation.

Nike Incorporation is a global company headquartered in Oregon, United States of America, with worldwide operations in more than one hundred countries. Nike Incorporation is an international manufacturer of footwear, clothing and sportswear. In addition, it also supplies other sporting equipments such as footballs and base-layers. The company employs approximately thirty five thousand people in its worldwide distribution stores and manufacturing plants. In January 2010, it was estimated that the company had thirty three thousand employees. Most of the operations of Nike Incorporation are located in China, India, U.S.A, Vietnam and Asia among other countries.

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In the global business arena, Nike has received numerous criticisms for violating the rights of its workers. For example, in 2000, the company was accused of paying poor wages to its employees in Vietnam, China and Mexico (Kline, 2005). It has been accused of not proving safety working conditions for its employees. Additionally, Nike Incorporation was criticized for employing children in its manufacturing plants as a way of reducing production costs due to cheap labor associated with child labor. In early 1992, Nike was sued for using child labor in its Pakistan manufacturing plants. The most recent accusations on unethical behaviors by Nike Incorporation emerged in August 2011, when Nike was blamed for providing poor working conditions for its workers in Indonesia, in addition to accusations of its use of child labor and forced labor between 2008 and 2009 in Australia.

In my opinion, Nike Incorporation has been faced with challenges and unethical practices in relation to the treatment of its workers. The company has not been providing good working conditions for its workers, hence putting the physical health and safety of the workers at great risks. Additionally, the use of forced labor and child labor by Nike is a great violation of human rights. According to the International Labor Laws, a person should not be forced to work against his or her will. Children who are underage are also not allowed to work or be employed by organizations. In summary, Nike has been increasingly involved in unethical employment of workers.

It should be concluded that inappropriate employment of people is a vice that is usually condemned and discouraged in most cultures across the globe. Most traditional communities as well as governments totally refute child labor. Thus, it is important for Nike Incorporation to critically observe such beliefs and develop appropriate strategies to curb its unethical practices relating to employment in order to enable it remain more profitable and competitive in the global business arena.

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