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Free Example of Ethical Responsibility Essay

Ethical responsibility in the workplace is not a myth rather it is very crucial. A minor lapse can result in significant penalties. One of the most crucial examples of the misinterpretation of the technical information resulted in the tragic incidents in NASA the explosion of the NASA spacecraft in 1996 in which 9 people lost their lives.

Technology has raised several complexities that go beyond typical questions of what is right and what is wrong. Everyday new discoveries and inventions are being done. In this situation, new technology creates new capabilities but do these new innovations follow the old rules the answer would definitely be a big NO.

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It should be kept in mind that whatever information you are providing as a technical professional would be followed by millions of consumers. It is therefore important that you should take personal responsibility to make sure you have all the data available to convey the full picture and explain the implications of descriptions that would go otherwise unnoticed.

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While writing a description about a particular product, make sure you have all the data available with you. Now, it is your responsibility, how effectively you convey the information. Now the million-dollar question is how much information is necessary and relevant for decision-making? Since data collection and processing methods have improved manifold, one can easily find oneself inundated with valuable information. The World Wide Web also provides as a medium where one can get access to a repository of information. If enough information is available for a particular product technical professionals can easily and effectively communicate with the clients and consumers.

Misinterpretation of information is only seen when the information is incomplete or the old product information has been used for the new one, which is totally a different product in terms of technology. Therefore, it comes under ethical responsibility to put forward the right information in order to avoid ambiguity, if any.

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