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With a proclamation of Eva's death and public funeral, the movie starts. Che the narrator who depicts the story of Eva's from her power gaining to death. The movie flashes back to Eva's childhood going to attend her father's funeral with her mother and siblings (Loy 85). After her father’s death, her family was smashed, when she was 15 years old. Eva chooses to go to the capital leaving her town Junín looking for a better life with her boyfriend Augustin Magaldi, a tango singer. Between Magaldi’s leaving and her fateful get-together with Colonel Juan Perón she makes several relationships with several powerful men, becoming a model, actress, and radio personality.

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Eva tries much to represent Perón since both of them are from the working class. Eva exercises all her talents to support Perón every time. Even when he was jailed by the controlling administration for trying to exploit his political momentum, Eva produces forces to the government releasing Perón, and people also inspire them with delight. After that Perón is elected as the president and Eva swears to work for the new government serving the 'descamisados'. The Perónists otherwise rob the public assets, but Eva institutes a foundation and allocates aid. During a world tour, Evita is rushed home due to her illness. Near the end of her life, she senses her mortal illness and feels her life as a short shining like the 'brightest fire'. In the end, Eva's funeral is shown again with a candlelight vigil praying of a large crowd and Che kissing her coffin.

The movie visualizes an influential picture of the most powerful woman of Latin America. It shows how a woman with political power works for the betterment of the lower class when class discrimination existed in Argentine society. This movie can make the observer understood that how Argentina viewed their political figure.

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