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Free Example of Evaluation of the Students Essay

I agree with all of you on the test issues. However, I tend to ask what would happen if there were no tests? What would teachers use to evaluate their students? Finally, how would we rate students? Tests are extremely important in the education system. First, tests are used by teachers to evaluate students and learn where students are not effective. In this case, the teacher will create a strategy to help students learn effectively and efficiently improving quality of education.

Secondly, I believe tests are important in rating students. For instance, some students perform better as compared to other students. To show this, tests have to be administered. Additionally, I tend to believe that tests create confidence in a person while growing up. Therefore, tests are extremely important to a person’s education life. For this reason, implementation should be done to solve issues affecting students. Tests are also used by teachers to know whether they are offering students the required skills through out their education. If there were no tests, it could be extremely difficult for a teacher to evaluate this issue.

It is extremely devastating to know that your child excels in school but when it comes to taking tests, she panics and fails. In this case, I believe the school should have a system that grade students on their overall performance apart from tests. Secondly, a test should be valid and reliable. Additionally, a test should test those activities that are applicable in a real life situation. This is because the main purpose of attaining education is to improve skills useful in the world in a real life situation. Finally, imagine an institution without tests, what will it be like? No student will care. Therefore, I believe tests are important but they are not that reliable. They need implementation to suit their purpose in education.

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