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The author of the article Countrey Contenments is Gervase Markham whose works were considered to be “much quoted by scholars of early seventeenth-century history and literature”. The source was produced for a mass reader so that it can be notified that it was created for a large audience, mainly for women. The purpose of the article is to demonstrate the virtues of an ideal English housewife as one of the first things the author notifies is “the inward virtues of her mind”. In the article, no event is recollected as it provides Markham’s personal opinions only.

The source meant to be public as the author considered it to be read by his contemporaries. It is proved by the fact that he wants to focus on the situation peculiar for the 16th century admitting that “it is now meet that we descent…”.

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The main peculiarity of this source is the fact that it gives information about the main underlying values of a woman; at the end of the article, he summarizes that a good English Housewife must “be of chase thoughts, stout courage, patient, untired, watchful, diligent...”. All features of a wife’s nature, which were mentioned in the article, are much cared about by the author as he thinks that they are the prerequisites of a good family.

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The author believes that the majority of his readers has these features and understands their significance, but he doubts about the fact that wives are religious and inclined “less to direct than to be directed”. He thinks that these values can be in tension so that he tries to persuade the audience admitting that woman’s behavior must call her husband “home from his error” and not suppress him. In this way, the author teaches the readers how to behave in the family, for instance, he states that uncomely language to servants is “most monstrous and ugly when it appears before the presence of a husband”.

The fact that a woman must be directed “and through occasion of mishaps or the misgovernment of his will may induce her to contrary thoughts” may conflict with the points of view of modern readers since in contemporary society a woman tends to be both equal with a man and independent. In any case, in no way, it can hinder the modern reader’s understanding of the past.

The source confirms with history as told by the authors of the textbook. For example, it can be proved by the fact that, in the 17th century, people tried to be quite godly whereas a man was a master in all aspects of life. The author of the article notifies that the member of the family “may both learn to serve God, and sustain man in that godly and profitable sort which is required of every true Christian”.

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