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Free Example of Experiential Learning Essay

Experiential learning is learning of applied knowledge, through reflection on doing. It is a highly effective educational method as it can be equated to personal change and growth. We practiced experiential learning a while ago in communication and this is what we did:

The objective was to make the students to be able to demonstrate and practice skills in communication. We started by guiding a partner verbally through the task and by utilizing appropriate motivators. We then practiced verbal communication ways and applied the skills to treat others. We had fun by realizing various cultural differences ad tenderness in others. We started by first having sighted partners take their partners who were blindfolded through a trapped field of eggs, various human distractions and mouse traps. The sighted partners were expected to guide their partners to the end without springing any of the mines. The human characters above included various names like; peers, academics mom, daddy and aunt.  (Hayden 2010).

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The benefits of experiential learning includes; theoretical knowledge learned in class is applied in the work world, experience and competence are developed, exploring career goals to determine which best fits you gaining practical experience in employment and also developing career skills like interviews.

Theoretical Perspective

Psychoanalytic; psychoanalysis is the treatment by qualified psychotherapist of psychological and behavioral disorders through verbal and non-verbal communication between the patient and the counselor rather than using drugs or electric shock to relieve emotional disturbance in the patient.

In Psychoanalysis, the therapist does not offer moral judgments nor aid the patient to solve problems but rather exploring the patient’s mind and his/her habitual thought patterns- this is called non-directed therapy. The patient is left to engage in free disclosure of ideas to the therapist who then examines slips of the tongue and ‘dreams’ of the unconscious mind. The therapist then is to uncover the tensions that exist between perceptions and actions of the ego and censorship by the superego. The analysts then relay to the patients their conclusions after they deem to be fit and once they accept the conclusions they are cured (Kristen, B. 1998).

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Child Development

Though children have different influences in their life, nurture and nourishment during the first few years of life are very important. The parents are a key to role in development process of the kid. The parents also should be concerned on the development process of their child. Proper social learning nourishment is vital for the child during the first years of school life to interact with and accept other children. Thus the child should be left to interact with other kids so as to be imparted important educational and social skills to be learned in the first years. Thus children who are taken well care of usually make great thinkers, respond and have a better reading and understand easily than their peers receive low quality child care (Bock, R. 2006).

However parent and family are strongly linked to child development than childcare during the pre-school years. Example is children whose parents are well educated, whose families’ income is higher and whose families have a well organized routine seem to perform better. These features are important to the well-being of the children. It is also important to note that children whose mothers’ had a quality interactions that is more sensitive, attentive and more responsive is more important for children’s development (Bock, R. 2006).     

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