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Free Example of Functions of Public Relations Essay

Public relations refer to how an organization handles communication and information among organization members and its major public to so as to maintain a positive impression of the organization. It is mainly important in ensuring establishment of standing image of the organization in a target market (Cutlip, & Broom, 1995). There are many roles of public relations in any organization.

The major categories of these functions are organizational functions and societal functions or external functions. This paper tries to discuss these two types of functions with focus on McDonalds as the case study for the discussion. It also provides ways in which organizational and societal functions of public relations can be addressed at McDonalds to ensure effective management of the organization.

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Organizational functions of public relations.

These functions of public relations are significant in ensuring effective and competency of employees to ensure productivity of the company is improved based on market requirements of the activities of the organization. It includes employee relations management and human resource management as well as customer relations management. Customer relations management ensures the organization learns the needs and conduct of customers. It also ensures stakeholders of the organization are informed regarding the competency and the goals of the organization to increase their interest in investing in the company.

Ensuring effective relations with employees and customers forms a strong point in public relations of the organizational functions since these procedures ensure dissemination of adequate information regarding the company to the customers and employees. These functions play a critical role in ensuring a company’s objectives of affirming and maintaining high levels of operations. These functions ensure the organization is competent in keeping up with production of products and provision of services internally to customers and employees.

Societal functions of public relations.

Societal functions of public relations refer to the way the organization relates with the outside people and the public. These include communication, provision of information to the public regarding the products of the company, consumer information and issues such as social responsibility and management. Basically these external activities include actions taken by the company to ensure effective communication with the public in appropriate way. It facilitates the communication between the company and the clientele.

The most significant form of societal public relations is marketing communications. In this case, the messages are used to communicate with the public and the market. It also involves disciplines such as advertising, promotion of sales, marketing activities and personal advertisement or obtaining sponsorship from investors. Any company has also to involve itself in the social responsibility.

Consequently, both the societal and organizational functions of public relations are important when applied in any organization. These functions ensure dissemination of information and maintenance of public relations to the consumers regarding the operations of the company. Currently, dissemination of information to consumers is important in ensuring they are attracted to the activities taking place in the company so they are able to provide market for a company’s products.

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How McDonalds can improve its organizational functions of PR.

McDonalds is an example of a company where public relations are significant in ensuring effective production and improved profitability of its activities. This is a company that engages in production of fast-food such as hamburger, cheeseburgers, chicken, french-fries and soft drinks such as milkshakes and salads. The nature of these products requires that public relations is maintained to ensure high level of commitment and high level of production is maintained based on high demand for fast-foods in any part of the world.

In order to ensure organizational functions of public relations are improved and similar problems addressed, there are certain actions that the management of the organization need to implement to ensure employees and customers are satisfied with being part of the company. To ensure effective relations with employees, the management needs to inform employees regarding any difficulties they may be facing while working in the organization. For instance, the bakers can be informed on the methods they need to use to ensure they are able to produce more hamburgers at low cost and less effort. The employees also need to be inspired to work hard to ensure high levels of production are maintained. This can be done through motivation such as encouragement ate their work place. Shareholders in the organization can also be encouraged to develop trust in the company by informing them of the achievements that have been realized by the company or the targets which the company wants to attain to ensure they develop trust in the company.

How McDonalds can improve its societal functions of PR.

Since McDonalds is mainly involved in production of food stuffs such as hamburgers, wraps, smoothies and desserts, it is important to ensure that societal public relations are maintained. This is because the level of trust in the company’s products depends on the level of trust by the outside groups and the financiers. Societal public relations can be developed by assuring the public that the company is not involved in illegal activities or environmental pollution. McDonalds can also ensure societal public relations are maintained by advertising its products in the media such as television, newspaper among other media. By getting information about these products, the public are able to know what they need that is available at McDonalds as well as the quality of utility they are able to derive from the products.

Furthermore, McDonalds needs to inform the public about its operations, its goals and objective and its financial goals. This information can be used by financiers such as shareholders and government who can assist the company in financing its activities.

In addition, the company can ensure many people are aware of its products through direct marketing.  This is because the major products that are produced by the company are consumable products which require immediate use. If these products are not disposed at the right time they can expire and the company can incur heavy losses which affect its profitability. This can be done through employing agents who market its products to potential customers. By marketing these products, customers become aware of the products they are likely to obtain if they visit the company.

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