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Reward and Recognition Strategies at GE Healthcare, Wisconsin, and how employees perceive these strategies. The article discusses the findings of a research study carried out by Tugba Oztoprak and Richard Lundmark (2007) on the effectiveness of using reward and recognition strategies at GE Healthcare. The research question being addressed is how GE Healthcare in Wisconsin uses reward and recognition strategies to motivation workers as well as how the workers of GE Healthcare perceive the various reward and recognition strategies used by the company. GE Healthcare is a division of the GE Technology Infrastructure that is owned by General Electric (GE) Company.

The research study aimed at determining whether there is any gap between actual results and presumed outcomes of the practice of employee reward and recognition strategies at GE Healthcare as well as to know how employees at the company view these strategies. In order to establish the perception of workers in relation to the reward and recognition strategies of GE Healthcare, the researchers sought views and opinions of the workers. One of the hypotheses of the paper is that effective reward and recognition strategies lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction amongst workers.

Research Designs Used

In order to effectively conduct their study, the researchers used a combination of various research designs. Firstly, Oztoprak and Lundmark (2007) used descriptive or survey research design to help them seek answers for the question of how GE Healthcare uses reward and recognition strategies amongst workers. According to Oztoprak and Lundmark (2007), descriptive research design enabled them to obtain information concerning current status of the phenomenon and to give a detailed description of what exists with respect to variables or conditions of the situation.

Secondly, the researchers also used correlational or prospective research design by trying to explore the relationship between various reward and recognition strategies and employee motivation and job satisfaction. Thirdly, I would argue that the researchers also used a causal or Ex post facto research design that explored the cause and effect relationship between reward and recognition strategies and employee motivation. According to Spector (2011) and Morgan and Winship (2010), causal research designs usually determine how one variable causes change in another variable.

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In addition, the research design adopted by he researchers was exploratory in nature. This is because it sought to find out how the company uses reward and recognition strategies in motivating employees and creating job satisfaction amongst workers. In addition, the research was linked to human behaviors and emotions that are very subjective in nature, hence required detailed descriptions of various variables.

Moreover, the researchers also used qualitative and quantitative research methods. Through quantitative methods, statistical data collected was collected from the workers to determine their perception on the reward and recognition strategies of GE healthcare. The researchers interviewed twenty-five respondents that included top managers, middle level managers, white-collar workers and blue-collar workers. On the hand, the researchers used qualitative approach to analyze the gathered data and gain better understanding of the issue at hand. The researchers used qualitative analysis to determine the various impacts of soft and hard human resources management practices on employee motivation. For example, the researchers found out that feedback, sharing of information and communication were the most important factors that affected motivation of employees and job satisfaction.

Last but not least, the researchers used a hermeneutic approach in order to gain deeper understanding and interpretation of specific behaviors of the employees in relation to reward and recognition strategies of the company. In my view, the researchers used hermeneutic approach because of its ability to provide more nuanced knowledge and qualitative data.

Views of Authors on Reliability of Measures Used in the Research Study

In this study, the researchers claimed that reliability was not important in their study because it was a qualitative research. Instead, alternative terms and methods such as trustworthiness and authenticity were used to measure corresponding criteria for reliability and validity. In the opinion of Oztoprak and Lundmark (2007), replacing research reliability and validity by the alternative terms and methods stated above does not necessarily mean that their study cannot be used as reference material for future research studies. The researchers believe that the detailed literature they have provided about GE Healthcare is very useful for future empirical studies as well as to other international organizations around the world.

Inferential Statistic Reported by the Authors 

One inferential statistic that the researchers reported in their study is the median. After gathering adequate data on levels of job satisfaction amongst the employees, the researchers calculated the median to determine the main reward and recognition strategies that had greatest influence on job satisfaction amongst the employees. In addition, standard deviation was also determined to establish how the workers perceive the existing reward and recognition strategies deployed by GE Healthcare.

One of the most important conclusions in the study is that although a company may adopt various reward and recognition strategies, most employees believe that doing what interests them most and good interpersonal relationships and effective communication between top management and workers are the major contributors to job satisfaction amongst many workers. According to the findings of the research, reward and recognition strategies can only be used as motivational factors to encourage employees do what they are best at, but may not be determinants of job satisfaction at the workplace.

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