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Free Example of Gender Song Essay

The theme I have chosen for the project is gender theme based on masculinity, femininity and homosexuality and I have mixed a tape comprising songs that are related to a specific gender.

Songs have always carried a variety of beliefs, customs and norms with it. Songs may be soothing and may explore the depths of imaginativeness of a person, but it is more revolved around how a person perceives that song to him/her. Some songs are very gender specific focusing on the empowerment of one gender and showing it through their power of assertion or proclamation of basic rights or they may not be very specifically oriented towards a single gender rather it is based on one’s perception of gender empowerment of that song that makes him/her closely aligned to that song. It has been noted that in the field of arts and humanities, music has engaged in gender empowerment very well.

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The first song chosen is Man, I feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain. This song has been considered as an anthem song for women by many. The reason for choosing this song was that it was out righteously based on feminism. It is about enjoying yourself; having fun and doing all those things that make you a woman (The Violet Room). As the main line of the song describes that it is the exclusive right of a woman to have fun which she is doing!

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Bob Marley’s song Is this love is a classical example of masculinity where he shows sexual and masculine attraction towards a woman. The song is a narration of love in the form of words a man would say to a woman and it shows the power of masculinity in the song and where the masculine gender plays an active part in the song by showing all his emotions, while the woman is shown to be passive.  What makes a man a man by Marc Almond describes homosexuality in its narration when it is sung; each night the men look so surprised; I change my sex before their eyes; tell me if you can; what makes a man a man (Almond).  The song is chosen for its homosexual nature. Beyonce Knowles song If I were a Boy covers the perception of feminism beautifully and that is why the song is chosen. In this song, Beyonce portrays herself as a boy and tells the stereotypical activities of men that they have drinks at bar, have a laugh and especially of their lack of empathy towards women. She also tells that what she or a girl would want a true man to be like when she sings, If I could understand how it feels to love a girl, I could be a better man (Knowles). Ciara’s song Like a Boy describes the two faced reaction of people and not placing man and woman as equals. It tells that if woman does same things as that of a man, it is frowned upon. It is a typical feminist song. Grace Jones song Walking in the Rain is inclined towards masculinity which is evident from the line, walking like a woman, feeling like a man.

The Rejection by Dangerous Muse is a feminist song showing a girl’s empathy and a man’s lack of empathy in a relationship. The song is chosen for its typical feminist nature. Heterosexual man by The Odds is a very explicit song exploring strong masculinity of a man and his strong sexual desires towards a woman. The theme of the song is based on sexual masculinity. Dude Looks Like a lady’s theme is revolved around a man who is mistakenly viewed as a lady and is loosely based on gender masculinity.

Lastly, Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin is a masculine song whose theme is centered on a man wanting all!

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