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Free Example of Geometry Lesson Plan Essay

First, when considering the rationale for the proposed lesson plan, it is important to make note of the fact that Surface Area (SA) and Volume (V) are two concepts that entail a great amount of information pertaining to both mathematics and people’s everyday lives. In other words, SA and V are two mathematical concepts that carry heavy implications for people’s everyday life (Stanislau Partners, n.d.). Furthermore, it is important to make note of the fact that geometric figures are all around us, and so it is only natural that students have a clear understanding of the space that such figures take up (Volume) and the overall area that its surface takes up (Surface Area). This being said, the proposed lesson plan touches on geometry (via Volume and Surface Area calculation), but it also touches on Trigonometry, Tranformations, and Data Analysis (which will include the following: shape manipulation; 2-D graphs; 3-D graphs; angle measurement). Finally, once the lesson has been concluded, students will have the ability to apply the learned knowledge to modern technological applications (namely computer software) in the fabrication of models, bridges, cars, furniture, etc.

Second, upon considering technology and the importance of its integration in the proposed lesson plan, it should suffice to say that technology is a necessity in today’s world. This is a time of continuous technological innovation; it is a time in which the forces of competition and globalization set the bar higher and higher for coming generations. Therefore, it is important to pursue higher levels of efficiency and productivity, while at the same time minimizing all cost considerations, including time.

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Moving on to the cyber wellness issues associated to the proposed lesson plan, it is important to note that any lesson that incorporates technology and/or the Internet will be exposed so a wide various of risks, or threats (which in this case are generally referred to as cyber wellness issues). One such cyber wellness issue is cyber bullying. Upon discussing bullying, it is important to stress that it is a serious issue that currently affects a significant number of students throughout all grade levels (around the whole world). The underpinnings of bullying are equally significant, since it may very well generate self-esteem problems and an overall aversion toward learning. This being said, it is also important to stress the fact that bullying can also take place through cybernetic means. Therefore, it is important to make sure of the fact that whenever students use a computer in fulfilling a lesson requirement, there is no threat of any cyber bully being able to contact the students. Therefore, investing in high-quality security countermeasurs (as they pertain to online hacking and other such activities) is a must.

A second major cyber wellness issue that may be encountered by students in their completion of the proposed lesson plan is game addiction. In today’s world, students are becoming increasingly distracted by a series of factors (other than education itself). This trend has increased significantly due to the fact that portable game consoles are readily available, that smart phones allow for instant online connectivity to game servers, and that the Internet offers immediate acces to countless games. This being said, it is important to protect students from this distraction. The proposed solution would be, of course, to ban smart phone usage in the classroom, as well as the usage of tablets and personal laptops. Any work that requires the students to use a computer and/or go online must be performed using the school’s computers. As well, it is important to implement security parameters that effectively prevent students from entering specific websites; continuous screen monitoring should also be implemented so that the teacher can keep an eye on what students are doing at all times.

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