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Free Example of Group Discussion Essay

Considering the fact that two heads are better than one, a group discussion is a better way of handling issues that involves a lot of ideas and different skills . One may see such elements in a group discussion as communication, leadership and social skills that are all simultaneously developed. A group discussion should have at least two people: a group leader and one making the notes. The two participants take the initiative of handling the matters and lead the course of the discussion. Group discussion is mostly used in learning institutions, companies and governmental structures. In governmental issues and companies, a committee is formed to discuss and implement the rules and regulations of the company.

In a class discussion of nine members with a group leader and a secretary, members were given time to present their views. The whole conversation was then analyzed. The group leader chose the topic to analyze at first and gave the order to pay attention to all essential subject matters presented by the group members. The most important thing was to know each other well in order to easily interact with each other . This assisted the group members in achieving their goal of the discussion in a confidential manner. Every member presented the point of view during the discussion to the group leader in order to encourage teamwork in the group. This was notably a forming group which members did not know each other’s interests.

Most members had a clear understanding of the topic of discussion and had enough points to present. Members tried to present their views on the topic, whereas members of the discussion made an analysis when justifying and arguing the views presented. The members had reference books and magazines, which helped them in gaining knowledge. Some of the group members did not have the chance to present their views during the whole process of discussion. This was mainly because other members took a lot of time to handle their issues, which was very demoralizing to the entire group. The points presented by the group were taken by the secretary, after which each member  was given a copy. Considering that the group was just formed, the other members should have managed their time to present their views and have maximum participation in the group discussion.

The main idea gotten from the discussion is the development of communication skills. This shows confidence to the members in the way each person thinks. The results of the discussion tell that there is much motivation and team building, which create a good interactive site for members of the class discussion. Logical skills are offering room for diverse thinking over issues being considered when listening to other members. This shows that there is tolerance towards each member when specific time is  given him or her to to present  ideas. It is in-group discussion that leadership motive is developed through nurturing the quality of being a leader of a big organization or political structure. It is also a very necessary skill for employment comparing to the normal interviews where ideas are flexible and reasoning skills are evaluated.

The group should consider some important factor while holding the discussion such as understanding the matter in hand. This helps the group members contribute their ideas to the subject under test. Members are able to diversify their ideas and present different opinions creating a good atmosphere for understanding of different issues. A variety of reference material is a crucial matter to support the views and clarify the strength of the point being discussed. A group should note those topics that are continuously repeated, realizing that the idea should be unique and strong. Members should have a close look at the communication skills; this is a crucial factor in any discussion. Its elements include variations of voice pitch, use of body language and efficient use of elaborate and understandable vocabulary. Good listening skills need to be incorporated by all members in order to have a point understood. The other thing to consider while holding a discussion group is to have plenty of views and ideas on the topic. Thorough research on the topic will also help to understand the subject well and enhances vocabulary capabilities.

In the group situation that I observed, the leader showed ample support to the group members by offering a chance to help them reach their goals using the grasp of their abilities. The group leader exemplified behavior patterns and characteristics that made members emulate him. The leader kept informing the members on the progress of the course; it gave the members' motivation when they knew how to handle the rest of the points. Although some members did not contribute to the topic, he was open for their suggestions, which showed his care and sincere concern. All members were recognized and appreciated for what they presented.. The leader did his best to make the discussion lively.

The observed discussion reveals the essence of such notions as leadership, inspiration ability, decision-making skills and personality traits. It gives tracts of events, new developments, innovations in the world today and the history. Discussion is the best way to handle conflicts  that one person cannot handle. Discussion is the best way of transformation that should be adapted in the contemporary world.

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