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Free Example of Hate Speech Essay


This paper is aimed at analyzing the article called “One Man's Hate Speech, Another's Political Speech” (Levendosky, Charles, 1998). The article is devoted to the issue of hate speech and its connection to laws in US. We will try to summarize the main points of the article and define the author’s point of view on the problem discussed.

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Hate Speech Analysis

The basic idea the author of the article wanted to expressis that the influence of the first amendment of the American Constitution regarding speech had a number of negative consequences. In specific, it appeared to deny some of the Americans’ freedoms and liberties. The author of the article argues that the amendment in fact contradicts the basic principles of the Constitution, which states that the congress has no rights to accept a law that can possibly restrict or affect negatively freedom of expression and speech of American citizens, as well as other rights fixed in the Constitution. This first amendment caused a number of arguments and legal challenges, and provoked court decisions that contradict each other throughout the American history. The juries and judges are still leading continuing wrangles over the confusing amendment.

Another point the article expresses is that hate speech should be restricted. Any form of speech that demeans or devaluates any person, gender, race, sexuality or certain group of people should be regulated. The article has given examples of some incidences in the American history when the judges have been called upon to give their interpretation of the provision about hate speech. In most cases the judges would favor personal freedom to express ideas freely. However, the author of the article gives a number of reasons why hate speech should be restricted.

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First, the author points to the fact that dehumanizing or undermining people from certain ethnic or social groups brings disharmony in the society. Various sorts of hate speech used to address people of certain races appear to be some form of enormity, which destroys national unity. Secondly, the author expresses the view that without regulating hate speech people from marginalized communities tend to feel restricted and undervalued. As an example, the article mentions some universities in US, which were had incidences of some white students uttering hate speech against black students(Levendosky&Charles, 1998). The university management had to come up with policies to regulate and restrict speeches that demean certain groups of people in the university community. Therefore, based upon the above reasons, the authors of the article express an opinion that free speech should sometimes be restricted, especially in cases when the speech has a negative impact on the society’s harmony.

I agree fully with the ideas and claims presented by the analyzed article. Indeed, free speech should be regulated, as it can be harmful for certain groups of people destroying for the peaceful co-existence of people. I believe that speech should be restricted if it demeans people of certain gender, sex or race anyhow. Indeed, this is extremely important to draw clear boundaries for speech in order to preserve unity and equality of all the USA citizens. Everyone should control their speech and be as tolerant as it is possible.


In conclusion, it should be said that free speech plays a major role in the growth of democracy of any society.. However, as history showed, it is important to have certain restrictions for free speech in order for the right for free speech not to be misused by means of uttering hate speeches against some groups of people in the society.

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