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In order to curb the problem facing the elderly health in Westminster the implementation face will take several channels. It should be first considered that the management and implementation of the program is going to be a continuous process and not an event. The following steps are necessary in the implementation of the program:

  1. The communication between the staff that are going to take care of the elderly should be enhanced at all times. Also, the management should also communicate the purpose and the intensions of the program to members of staff repeatedly.
  2. The management has to establish goals that are: specific and not vague, there should be a direct link between the elderly and staff to the corporate strategy, the goals should be observable, measured and should be completed at a specific timeframe.
  3. Constructive feedback that includes improvement suggestions from the elderly, corporate members, and management should be encouraged for a successful program.

Despite the fact that the implementation of the program will find its way out, there exist several obstacles to it such as financial constrains of running the program and lack of adequate feedback from the staff and the elderly.

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Evaluation Methods

This program is going to work with two methods of program evaluation these are: evaluation design and analysis technique.  Choosing the appropriate evaluation method is difficult but this program takes evaluation design as the best methods since it offers accurate evidence produced from the outcomes. Thus, the design selected for the project is experimental design.

The other evaluation method is the analysis technique. This method best fits the program because it helps develop the assessment of the project. Here, the best analytical method such as qualitative analysis of the treatment offered to the elderly as well as the care is going to be determined.

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