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The movie “Hoffa” is focuses onissues like poverty, political change and political organization.

The movie is concentrated up on the biography based on the life and mysterious death of a teamster.

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The leader whose name is Jimmy Hoffa, a boisterous, abrasive, and morally ambiguous character whose disappearance has created never-ending dialogue based on myths and legends. The movie describes all the events right from Hoffa's early years in Michigan to his leadership in New York City and Washington D.C and including the death of Hoffa in Detroit. Almost all of the film was shot in and around Pittsburg with the city's landmarks serving as backdrops for the various locales in the film. This powerful film recounts the life and times of Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa -- from his impassioned struggle to build his union into a powerful force on the American scene to his mysterious end.

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All the performances, especially Nicholson's, are outstanding. The film itself is a powerful epic about the formation of the teamsters union in the early twentieth century, driven by the fiery resolve of Hoffa,. Released in 1992, Hoffa was met with unusually mixed reviews and meager box-office. Painted on a broad canvas, the look and feel of the film captures the nostalgic mood of the working class in the middle of the twentieth century.

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