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We often can hear something like “it is a shame it happened to her, she is a good person…” and everybody all of a sudden feels sympathetic. Or it can be something like “she really deserves it, she is a good person”, and everyone just becomes understanding and a little proud inside for the person they probably don’t even know. So who is magical “good person”?

When describing “good person” no dictionary will help you in this matter, not even know it all Wikipedia. However, I believe I can, as closely as it is possible, try to define such a vague, yet so popular word combination. The legendary “good person” is first of all the person that makes you feel good when you meet them or talk to them at all times and no sales people will fall into this category. When you think of this person, you say “I wish I could be like him/her”, you wish you could be doing these amazing things. Personally for me I know that this person is a “good person” when he or she tells about what they do or what they believe in and I get goosy. That is the only true indicator when something moves you deeply and sure there is always crying, but that is for very soft hearted. The important thing to know is that this person will never be perfect, there will always be flaws, but the feeling about this person will never change.

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When traveling I met this one family, they were from the USA, and they were traveling to Eastern Europe to adopt kids with Down’s syndrome. They have a son of their own and they’ve lost another child to a complications of a mental disease, and that’s when they’ve learned that in Eastern European countries children with DS most often get sent to institutions right after birth. They decided that if there are so many kids who could use some love and they had plenty to give that it was a perfect match. They knew it will not change the world but it would change the world and quality of life for those kids. When they were telling me this and the passion they had, I was truly amazed.

These people I would without hesitation call “good people”. However, it  doesn’t have to be this major, it just might be a person who will give you  the brightest smile in the morning or give you a hug when needed. Now you’ll know it when you’ll meet one, “good person” is easy to spot.

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