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Free Example of Hugo Chavez Essay

Hugo Chavez as the President of Venezuela has acted contrary to the United States and United Nations Security Council policies concerning global security. The world leaders who operated nuclear plants were under heavy condemnation and criticism from the United States to withdraw from their progress. However Hugo Chavez seemed to support these leaders who were under condemnation of United States. After his election in 1998, Chavez declared United States as Venezuela’s prime enemy a fact that explains Chavez’s behaviors. When Iraq was under heavy criticism from the United States for its nuclear plants under Saddam Hussein, Chavez expressed his support for the Iraq leader despite United States intentions to invade Iraq. Chavez became first head of state to visit Iraq since the brutal gulf war in 1991 (Jerrold 2007).

Chavez’s policies resembled those of Fidel Castro who was his mentor and role model due to his persistence of a socialist economy angered United States of American government which was blamed because of the social and economic difficulties facing Venezuela. During the 1998 general elections, Chavez gained popular among the lower class citizens by condemning United States and other Western countries for the predicaments that faced Venezuela. In 2004, Chavez led a call to form a South American trading bloc while criticizing the American model of free trade area and countries associated with America. As domestic instability increased in Venezuela, Chavez’s anti – America oratory increases more. During a referendum vote in 2004, Chavez protested against a ‘yes’ vote to recall him regarding it as an American imperialism in the contemporary world and viewed it as interfering with the internal affairs as well as the sovereignty of an independent country like Venezuela. However he won massively with over 52 per cent preferring him as the president of Venezuela (Jerrold 2007).

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This marked Chavez’s another powerful vindication which was preceded by four major nationwide strikes and an attempted coup which never lasted for long before he got back to power. Chavez continued with his quest to nationalize as many oil refineries that consisted many American operation at the same time opening up numerous major oil refineries to Chinese companies a move that casted doubts whether Venezuela was still a reliable source of oil that United States of America would look upon for its present and future use. After the Katrina disaster, Chavez got an excellent opportunity to continue his mockery to the United States of America when he offered to assist Americans with tons of food and other forms of aid. All these moves, behaviors and utterances were considered to a mental health for the Venezuela’s leader towards the United States of America (Jerrold 2007).

Terrorism connections. The United States of America had been in confliction relationship with Chavez due to allegations that he supports and finances terrorist groups and movements while America was spending huge percentage of their annual budget to curb and eliminate terrorism. Chavez visit to Iraq was an indication of terrorism connections as the United States of America had regarded the governments of the day in Iraq as a terrorism movement due to its massive support for al - Qaeda. Chavez supported the Colombian military insurgency that were battling with the Colombian military a move that was international opposed since the group was regarded as a terrorist group by the international community and no independent government could have thought to support such king of a movement. Venezuela under Chavez also extended financial and technical aid to other terrorist and insurgent groups operating in the region. Terrorist movements of FARC and ELN had been reportedly enjoyed government protection and carried their operations freely within Venezuela territories. All the activities posses’ great danger to the United States of America than the North Korea or even Iran is causing (John 2001).

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