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Human life is quite challenging and unpredictable so that every person faces difficulties and must make choices sooner or later. No matter how challenging life situations may be, people should react to them correspondingly and make firm reasonable decisions, which seem to be the most favorable under definite conditions. One of such challenges is described by Ryan Allis in his article, where he highlights the issue of going to college and his doubts about this turning point in his life. Although Ryan can succeed without further education and develop his business successfully, he prefers attending college in another city to earning money in his native one. It can be reasonably claimed that Ryan makes the right decision since college helps him to become independent, find friends of his age, and gain experience from new surroundings. 

In the first place, Ryan’s decision is right because “college really makes one go through many formative and developmental changes”. As adolescents fiercely strive for independence, there is no wonder that Ryan chooses studying in another city, away from his parents. He chooses exactly this way of self-assertion since only existence far from home, in new surroundings and under new circumstances can prepare a person for hardships of independent adult life. As he mentions, he has learned how to take care of himself; besides, he has learned that at first glance simple things as “to put the twisty-tie back on the bread” so that it would not mold and not “put whites with colors in a hot wash” (Allis). Moreover, he has learned who he is.

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Secondly, Ryan’s choice is favorable since it gives him an opportunity of making friends with young people of the same age. This aspect is also crucial, as adolescents value friendship in their own circles more than relationships with parents so that friends become more important and authoritative than the latter. Peers have the same or similar interests, problems, and dreams; that is why sincere communication is possible only between people of the same age. From this standpoint, it is easy to understand why Ryan claims that “I was not sure that I could survive the psychological stress of being eighteen and not having a single friend younger than 27” (Allis). The notion of the psychological stress, which the boy mentions, underlines the peculiarity and significance of adolescents’ friendship. Apart from this, Ryan says that he “has built some key relationships”; and it is obvious that relationships of this type cannot exist between people who are not peers.

Thirdly, Ryan’s decision is right as studying in another city provides him with new surroundings, which, in turn, offer personal development and stimulation. His native city, Bradenton, is “a beautiful place with white-sand beaches just ten minutes away”; in Ryan’s opinion, however, it is not the place for active and ambitious people, like teenagers and young adults. For this reason, he decides to move to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This is “a place with dynamic entrepreneurial culture,” where he can enjoy friendship with many young people and gain new experience. From this point of view, Ryan is completely right because adolescents are predominantly self-motivated and eager to learn something new, no matter how challenging it may seem. Young people are constantly looking for change and very often disregard stability and conformity; this is how they manifest their individuality.

Taking everything into account, I strongly believe that Ryan Allis’ decision is reasonable and favorable. Choosing to attend college, he does what adolescence inclines him to. Ryan’s example illustrates young people’s priorities: the ardent striving for independence and self-sufficiency, communication with peers, desire for self-improvement and new experiences in new environments.

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