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Free Example of Identification Essay

The article “Identification” by Alice Bálint discusses the role of identification in a child’s development. The author explores and explains the way children come into contact with the external world from the earliest stages of their development and onward. The different stages and coping techniques are elaborated upon and the conclusions drawn as to the role of educators in the developmental processes of a child.

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The ability to identify things around us is presented as one of the major tools to learn about the external world. The author explains that in order to accept something new, a child needs to associate with it, be it a new unfamiliar toy or even a body part. Identification is derived directly from a person’s ego and, therefore, is inherent to all human beings. It feeds directly into the narcissistic nature of children who can accept the world only if it is pleasurable for them.

The emergence of the so-called super-ego is discussed further in the article and the distinction between identification, understanding, and love is made. The emergence of the super-ego, which has a similar role that the child’s educators have, becomes the conscience of a child and ultimately results in the split of ego into two parts. Love and understanding, in their turn, are different from identification and ego as they rely on gratification rather than on narcissism. These are the most powerful forces of learning about the world, the author claims and should be given much emphasis by educators.

In relation to the topic presented, one can have a number of questions. First, from a discussion on the ego it follows that every human being in the world is in a sense damaged by the split of the ego. Moreover, this is an inevitable process. So, theoretically, it is extremely interesting what the development of the person would look like if the split did not happen. Another question is whether understanding and love based on gratification can become a sufficient substitute for an injured ego of a child.

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