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We join hands to welcome our guests with heads a little bid to tell them that we give respect to the guest when they come to our country. Indian has a vast culture which includes different religious, habitat, values, and caste. But then also we all together say that we are proud of being an Indian because we all know we enjoy each and every place which is given to us. Indian history has past glory and its fame which is still followed and has its fame which attracts each and every person to see it.

History: ancient civilization has its great kingdom and ruler who have conquered and how much glory they have given its name to glorify the culture of that time. We have many Vedas which includes shlokas and mantras. These are as old as the history, the yoga and ayurveda has its equal importance as it was started in the India and spreaded in the world now.

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We have many great saints and magnificent ruler like Lord Rama, the great king Ashoka, the emperor like Akbar, the dynasty like Chola etc. civilization like Indus valley the oldest of all the civilization, the harappa culture. We have all different families, its value and its features are also different.

We have a number of religions which can be followed by it and they are Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity and many more. The Hinduism along Buddhism has more followers in the world they stand third and fourth in position. We are the only country which has a vast culture in terms of religion and they have there own equalities and places.

Society has a place in the country which gives you a brief description about the culture of that country. A society is made up off family, animals, festivals and how the people greet people from the different country. The children knows the vastness of there culture and they know what are the different believe about the culture. The have the knowledge that how the culture was raised and what all believe is there related to there gods and faith, they have the freedom to enjoy any culture and religion according to there choice. We speak Hindi and English as the official language. These languages are originated from Sanskrit the oldest of all language.

“Culture may even be described simply as that which makes life worth living. By: T.S. Eliot”

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Family plays an important role in the Indian culture. We have different type of family which includes joint family and nuclear family. This family enjoys all the customs which are followed by the elders and they have there knowledge enriched by following the customs which are to be followed by the ancestors and are still following them. We follow the arranged marriages in which the marriage is arranged by the parents. The many factors which are seen by the bride in the bridegroom. We have law which gives equal rights to men and women. The different traditions and the women controls the household works along with the working outside.

We have wildlife of India which contains the forests, and the wild animals. We worship cow as it is the mother for Hindu’s which brings prosperity and wealth to ones home. We have different types of festivals in our country. We celebrate diwali, id, holi and many more. India is famous for its spices; the spice is exported to different country. We have different tastes and flavor to our food; they include North, South, West, East Indian cuisine. We have cuisines which has history of there own like Mughal, Persian, and European food.

The women of our country wear saris which is the traditional wear of our country. Else we have different clothes according to the religion of the specified state. Indian literature has many great poets, epics and novelist who wrote many great things about there country. We have different music which is the most popular in the world, we have diverse dance forms. The Ajanta and ellora caves the oldest form of sculpture which describes the oldest form the culture.

Value in India has a great pace of tradition which is followed by the people who knows and love to join the culture due to its vastness and diverging features. The ancestors have left the pace of the values which are still followed and the customs are still in the veins of the children. This is past from generation to generations. We touch the feets of the elders in the form of respect to tell them that we still love them and seek their blessings.

In Hindu culture they worship many gods and goddess which have the reasons and give them the Vedic description about the flavors which have been still followed. We still have advanced in the technology and started giving free space to each and equal right for each and every person living in this country.

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