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Information protection is one of the primary needs of the company. In order to implement effective and efficient information protection system business needs to set rules and control the process of this information coming in and its storage. This can be achieved through the usage of information security policies, procedures and standards. These terms have different meaning. Sometimes people confuse its usage consequences, which may be the result that the information security industry uses it interchangeably.

Information security policy, procedure and standard terms refer to the different levels of protection system. The international security policies refer to the highest level of protection management. They define the mission of the protection systems, what information organisation is going to protect and what organisation will do in order to realise this protection. It also outlines security roles and responsibilities. Organisation may have more than one information security policies that highlight different areas of information that need to be protected. Therefore, the international security policy refers to the high level statements that relate to the information protection. Standards refer to the requirements specification of the policy strategy implementation. Standards also contain the detailed objectives that would lead to the effective and efficient main goals of information security policy realisation. They refer to the setting of the essential technology, hardware and software. Procedures relate to the step by step instructions of the implementation process of standards and policies. This is the lowest level of information security system management and they refer to the workers that would realize the information security strategy. For example, informational security policy argue that special protection software has to be used, standards define the best software that would meet all requirements and procedures describe how this software should be used.

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Therefore, the main difference between information security policy, procedure and standard terms is in the level of management.

Nowadays it is very hard to protect information that can be copied, changed or deleted by various automatic programs. Various detection systems were created to avoid getting of these programs into the computer.

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Firewalls are the security software or hardware programs/devices the main purpose of which is to separate high secure area from the low security one and to control the process of information exchange between both of them. Therefore, their main work is to protect single machine from the low secure environment of the network system. The term IDS (intrusion detection system) refers to the program monitoring for the signs of intruders. It includes monitoring of login files, system events, network activities and traffic. The main difference between firewalls and IDS is that firewalls just block undesirable openings, but cannot distinguish if the activity is good or bad. Therefore, if the decision to open was made, in spite of IDS, firewalls cannot protect from intrusions. The IPS (intrusion protection systems) refers to such programs that tend to protect information systems from unauthorized access and damage and disruption that it can prevent. IPS rapidly detects the worms of last generation, software and network exploits. The main difference of IPS, firewalls and IDS is that IPS is proactively blocking attacks on the information system, firewalls just blocks attacks and does not search for the network traffic, and IDS can monitor traffic but cannot stop it. Proxy servers seem to be the information security system that contains another computer, as a hub, through which different internet requests are passing. This service is working like a facilitator between the computer and networks or other computers. It is performing in such way, that computer sends the request to the proxy server and than proxy server sends the computer results for the request. It is used in order to screen downloads and uploads, to filter web content and to secure from hackers. Honeypots are the programs that can be installed into the firewalls in order to protect information from the unauthorized usage and hackers. This program also gives an ability to monitor the activities of hackers and understand how they broke into the system. Honeyports, in spite of firewalls, IDS, IPS, proxy servers, do not solve any protection problem. It is rather flexible system for monitoring hackersí activities and is good in complex usage with other information security programs.

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