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Every person has dream to live and help others. A man with background of medical science can help those helpless people who have no access to medical facilities. By his profession he can help the needy persons. But a man with business law and international relations has inherent role for the organization where he is working. Global market has much place for the business concerned people. Other people want to become the leaders, politicians and social reformers of the world. Most of us desire to become the doctors and engineers and scientists of great repute. In the present era an economist can play an important role to make business as reforms for the world.

My dream to have a place in a great field in a new spirit, that the world has never seen before was very important for the world. It is requirement of the present world to make the business a tool to take the world out of troubles. My dream is not to become a mill owner or multi-millionaire but to serve the humanity in a different way. The life of a political leader is not suited me as most of the persons have become parasite on the society. Before I have entered the university I dream to become business law man to learn the business principles in world. What is motto of my life the answer is simple which inspired me to take up this profession. I have seen many hardships during my study period and taken my master degrees in business law and international relations.

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In spite of these hardships I would like to become a business law man in United Nations. I have many reasons for adopting this profession. What are reasons those forced me to choose this profession? As the world economy varies from continent to continent, country to country and region to region. These reasons are given in the following lines

Corruption is evil and distorts the economic decisions. It leads to injustice and creates many problems for the citizens. Corruption undermines the integrity of the institutions. Only World organizations like World Bank and nongovernmental companies Transparency International can increase the transparency. A business law man encourages these organizations to make the justice with the poor and affected people of the world. A business law man guides the organization to follow the acts and rules of the world to avoid the unlawful practices. I am personally very impressive by the World Bank and its team which is fighting corruption on priority basis to alleviate the poverty in poor countries of the world. Poverty alleviation program needs the attention of the business law man to design the strategies to combat this evil of corruption from the world. In UN many programs like poverty alleviation, earth quake affected people and many others for the poor countries are in progress.

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Growth and equity go parallel to each other. Justice makes the society prosperous and people feel free and live peacefully. Africa, Latin America and Asia are equitable in the world. In our society many problems require the justice for their solution. Third world countries are in position to make little for their citizens, so UN an overwhelming organization can provide a forum to settle the issues in these countries. UN has an agenda of social equity on the third world countries and finding the root causes of this inequity and eliminating it from the society. The challenge is to tweak the economic model it will narrow the social divide and prosperity will be distributed in more equitable manners.

Corruption and Social injustice are the two key reasons for the deteriorating economy of the global market. Many organizations in control of the UN are working to provide protection to unprotected people. My ambition to become the part of the UN is to contribute all those activities of the UN which are the keys to enhance the life quality of the people in poor countries, providing them better opportunities of the jobs. Jobs are created by the investment opportunities. An adequate social protection is basic right for all. Women in poor countries are given less health facilities even they constitute the major population of the poor countries of the world. ILO is opening a new pilot project to provide the social security to people of the poor countries. A man with a solid knowledge of the business law and international relation knows the best routes to boost up the economy of the concerning organization and the areas of the investment which are reluctant.

In this paper we have discussed the dreams of different people who are esteemed due to their work in different ways to serve the humanity. Main focus is given to a particular dream to become a business law man. How a business law man can serve the humanity by becoming the part of the world organization UN? It is described that main concerning issues are related with the growth of the economy. Finally we can say that a man with back ground of business law and international relations become the reformer of the world.

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