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Free Example of Interpersonal Communication Essay

Usually we say that interpersonal communication takes place when certain individuals use incomparable approaches while treating each other or communicating in a personal way. One of its primary concepts is “intimate interpersonal relations”, which possesses the characteristics of trust of the highest level, cordiality and close feelings. Traditionally the level of intimacy is evaluated based on how deep and broad it is in the relationship. We can define these characteristics as follows: breadth corresponds to the volume of situations when the people in relationship interact. Meanwhile we can measure how deep the relationship is, analyzing the overall time of interaction between the communicators and the level of information exchange, depending on how personal it is. Intimate interpersonal relations can develop involving either physical or emotional intimacy, or both types can be present at the same time, which is also quite common. Specifying the examples of this concept, entering private space of a person, touching the person, holding hands describe physical aspect, while close communication, and e.g. sharing thoughts and ideas with another person. A real world example is marriage, long-lasting relationship.

Another concept, not the least important, is the interpersonal attraction. According to its principles, generally we are more prone to like people who resemble us. Usually interpersonal attraction leads to friendship or close relationship. In order for the interpersonal attraction to be fully determined, such factors as the concrete situation and each person’s personality have to be taken into account. Aversion can become important as well, since it can influence on the choice of the communication partner. A good example can be sharing of some common approaches to something, having common values, beliefs, hobbies or habits. Real world example of interpersonal attraction can be shown as of people, attracted to each other, based on the physical outfit, or sharing the same interest, e.g. same hobby.

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