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Free Example of Jack [Free Reflective Essay Sample] Essay

Reflective Essay Introduction Example

This paper presents an analysis of a life situation facing Jack. The discussion is centered on a young boy of eleven years old. His family is confronted with some unfortunate social challenges. The father of the family left leaving the family behind. The mother has long–term health problems besides mobility problems. The little child, only five years old, also has his demands and attention that require to be catered for. One family relative, an Uncle, lives in other parts of the country. He however recently visited the family and came face to face with their plight.

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The challenges faced by this family, no doubt constitute an uphill task to deal with. These, unfortunately, have had a negative effect on the personality of Jack. He successfully attended primary school education and went through. He has now joined secondary school where it is reported that he cannot simply put up with such a life. In this school, he has become a victim of bullying, further complicating life for the young boy. It is suspected, that due to the foregoing reasons, he has not attended school for the past few weeks. This is likely to compromise his education thus putting his future career in jeopardy.

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Reflective Essay Body Paragraphs Example

Jack, who currently is a critical member of the family, experiences a life where his confidence is low, poor in self-esteem, and has been marked by other students as a victim. This unfolding scenario is down to the challenges that the family faces. He has tried his best to care for his challenged mother and his younger brother. Somehow, the challenges have caught up with him. The secondary school setting has done him more harm. Being a victim of bullying, his problems seem to soar as the days go by. As explained by the development theorists, early experiences do play a role in the development of the personality of subject individuals. These theories, observe that, there exists a determination in a person’s personality (Carlson 2007).

Where they are successfully completed, a healthy personality is developed. On the contrary, in case of failure, the individual resorts to negative activities. They cause low self – esteem, low confidence and a feeling of being unable. This can lead to withdrawal from daily chores, involvement in drugs abuse, alcohol consumption and other immoral activities. The theories, correctly do capture the situation facing Jack and rightly predict the outcomes of the scenario. They are therefore relevant in explaining the development of personality amongst humans.

Jack is negatively to be affected by the present unfolding events. His development in character is in jeopardy due to the undesirable circumstance that he is in. As predicted by the personality development theories, he seems to be losing the fight. He has already withdrawn from school for the two weeks. He has also been a victim of bullying in school. Low confidence and self-esteem are associated with his personality. Having no one to help him, this trend is likely to continue or even worsen as things may change for the bad. His Uncle seems to be far from giving the much-needed assistance to the family. The many problems accruing to Jack’s family will influence the boy’s resignation to the fate. This is because of failure to get appropriate assistance to guide him through so that he may have hope in the future.

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The needs of family members are majorly social and economic based. The mother requires close attention. There should be someone who attends to her issues. If they were just ordinary assistance or economic ones, they would be provided. She may need drugs or medical attention, her needs for clothing and food must also be catered for. These are basic human wants (Weinberg 2006). Where they are not provided, life is at stake then. Somehow, a way ought to be found to address this need. Jack’s younger brother needs the same basic needs. Clothing, food and care are necessary. This would address his needs, which every human being at his age requires to sustain life and live a worthy life. Jack, who is the subject in this discussion, also needs the very similar needs. His mother must receive care. This would free him of any stress due to the many responsibilities expected of him. Once these are taken care of, his mind would be free to openly face the other challenges like those in school and other societal ones.

Strategies to meet the needs in cases of an individual assistance are the greatest aid to be of help to the family. Any individual can step in and assist them. This can be by getting someone to care for the mother. Medical care for the mother is also necessary. Then financial aid to enable the family afford food, clothing and other basic items would be timely. If this is done, the family would be greatly assisted and help get Jack’s personality and future on the right track. The strategy to help the family lies in the care to be accorded to the sick mother and financial aid to the family to enable them meet the basic needs and live a decent life.

The community can also contribute financial and socially towards the aid of the family. By giving them company and any other care, the subject family would gain immensely. This has an effect of improving the whole community since their members would have their lives improved. The government has a duty to provide for the needs of its citizens. A program ought to be in place to cater for such families. This can be captured through budgetary allocations. If this is done, it would provide the sought after assistance and thus reduce the challenges being encountered by the family.

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The interpersonal skills required to deal with the issue at hand include communication with others, being positive and understanding stress and managing it. By communicating with others, the burden is shared and gotten rid of to some extent. Talking to someone who understands and cares would help. The person can offer assistance or even console the family. This serves to motivate them to strive on with the hope that the situation can change for the better. Being positive is another attribute. This provides the power to keep fighting regardless of the turn events take. This, therefore, rules out giving up. Understanding stress and appropriately managing it is vital. Ways of handling stress must be employed so that the struggle is maintained. This, when practiced, promises prosperity or success regardless of the magnitude of challenges.

Reflective Essay Summary Example

To help the subject of the case the mother must first be attended to. This would get pressure off him. His younger brother should also be catered for. After these are done, Jack himself must be guided to be able to face the challenges in school so that he completes and performs well in his education. Any person or group of persons who desire to come to the aid of the family can do all these.

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