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The journal that was chosen focuses on the subject of sexuality as it pertains to Scottish governance. However, it is believed that this journal is most insightful, as the cultural views set forth between 1950 and 1980 by the Scottish government (and society in general) are quite consistent with the overly conservative mindset characterizing the world society during the mid-twentieth century. As well, as time passed and society transitioned into the 1960s and subsequently the 1970s, it may be seen that despite some minor liberal changes, society remained fundamentally conservatives (keeping historical, and traditional, taboos in place). Here again, it is believed that such trends are consistent with those experienced by societies around the world, including United States, in which sexuality was very much a taboo well into latter years of the twentieth century.

Going into the article’s discussion, is it important to focus on five major points that effectively caught my attention. First of all, it was interesting to find that even in spite of the disruptive social effects brought about by World War II (which were more protuberant in Europe than in other regions), the ideology, assumptions, and legal underpinnings regarding the issue of sexuality remained fundamentally intact. In other words, it was interesting to find that World War II had absolutely no effect on the sexuality taboo. Second of all, it was interesting to find that Scottish governance contemplated differentiated legal frameworks for heterosexuals and homosexuals on the subject of sexuality. This was surprising, since sexual offenses remain offensive regardless of whether they are committed by heterosexuals or by homosexuals. However, the surprise was lessened by the fact that homosexual was perhaps the biggest taboo that modern society has faced (and so it was expected that governance failed to exercise the law objectively with homosexuals).

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During the 1960s it appears that governance became somewhat more liberal. The liberalization, however, was surprisingly mild, even though that society mostly favored a more liberal approach and more liberal policies towards sexuality. On this note, it was also surprising to find that Scottish government attempted to maintain a law that had been originally enacted in the 1800s, thus speaking of a retrograde, vastly biased and conservative government. Fourth, it is surprising to see that the social liberalization did not transcend to the subject of prostitution. Even though sexuality became more socially accepted, this acceptance did not translate into sexuality as employment. Finally, it was surprising to find that between the 1950s and the 1970s there was no real change in society’s mindset on the matter of sexual education. The Scottish Education Department (SED) did not promote any major change. Throughout the time period the focus continued to be associated with pollution (and a hierarchy of normality and deviance). Based on this, all educational programs focused on controlling sexual instinct, instead of educating the people about safe sex. This is surprising, because it would seem that between 1950 and 1970 cultural liberalization on the subject of sexuality appeared to have been overly constricted by government (even despite of society’s interests).

Ultimately, this was a useful research article. First of all, it was possible to have a clearer understanding of how the cultural imaginary on the subject changed between 1950 and 1980. Second of all, it was possible to learn more about how government impacted cultural beliefs and the overall treatment of sexuality (including education, prostitution, and homosexuals).

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