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Free Example of Just Laws and Unjust Laws Essay

Creation of a certain law may have different meanings to the people governed by it. As a result, people governed by the law might decide whether to obey the law or not. Usually it depends on their perception of this law. Therefore, the law may be just or unjust. According to the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, there is a clear distinction between the two. Just laws are the laws that respect morality or base their principles according to it, while unjust laws do not respect morality and do not follow moral principles.

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An excellent example of law in a contemporary society that can give a clear distinction between the just and unjust laws is the segregation of blacks in the society. This law may be deemed unjust, because it does not respect morality and does not base its principles on it. According to morality, it is wrong to disrespect human or personal traits. In this case, the blacks are made to feel inferior compared to the whites. Therefore, the creation of the segregation law in the past by the whites was an unjust law.

Finally, there are the laws that may seem just only on paper, but when it comes to putting them into action, they become unjust. For example, there is a law according to which all political rallies must be permitted. In this case, the law seems to be just from the point of morality. However, when the government starts using this law to ensure that their rivals to do not prosper, it becomes unjust. Based on these facts, just laws always are always based on respect and morality, while unjust laws are not created according to morality and do not respect it, neither on paper nor in action.

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