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Fuller gave the proposal of the world game in 1960’s whose aim was to facilitate a complete, defensive, design-science approach to the key global challenges. The use of the name world referred to Fuller’s intention to address issues globally as opposed to tackling issues nationally. Bearing this in mind, the entire world is thus an applicable unit of this analysis thus it is not a town, city, state or a single nation being addressed. The analysis was designed to tackle the governance and social problems and despite use of the word ‘game’, the analysis is a very serious tool, only that Fuller wanted the analysis to make sense to everyone and not only the elites.

He sought that the findings would be distributed throughout using free press, be accepted as a start point to solve the problems of the society, force the political outlook to move in the direction that the imagination, values and problem solving skills of the individuals who played the open world game democratically wanted. The analysis had the view of the political course that some may think immature, if they only glanced at it in those years when Fuller was proposing it. Based on this writing, it is obvious that main function of Fuller’s map was to allow people view at the entire world without any form of boundaries.

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Cedric Price's Fun City. Cedric Price sought for new approaches of looking at the world and was against the architectural establishment by showing favour of the fundamental cross-disciplinary forms of partnership. He campaigned for mobility, temporality, democratization, risk-taking, play and criticality as the basic values relevant to confront conformist solutions. The central theme of this project was the necessity to re-examine the forces and fabric that characterise the physical or urban environment and otherwise. Cedric Price’s work tends to revolve around the association between preservation and demolition. Emphasizing that architecture should be contemporary in absolute terms. He challenges the demands that have been left by the past. Alike his other projects, Cedric price takes the figure of an elastic construction that can be built, dismantled, un-built, changed, or re-organized. This aims at encouraging the public to become innovative, engage in the public space and think the unthinkable (Design Museum, 2012). 

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