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The topic which was discussed is “Development and Abolition of Death Penalty”, its history, development, need for its existence and abolition.

Phrases which were used are mostly personified: as for me, to my mind, in my opinion. It actually means two things. First of all, I consider my opinion to be a correct one, I pay attention to myself. On the other hand, I give an opportunity for interlocutors to express their own opinions, contradict the statements and feel free to argue about the topic of the conversation. However, there is also a problem as interlocutors need facts to prove my point of view. My own ideas cannot be so strong to make references to them. That is why, there is a need to use someone’s ideas and examples either to agree or disagree with them in the conversation.

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Another problem is an intonation. Theoretically, a calm voice with rising tone at essential moments is considered to be more persistent and convincing. However, in my practice it appeared to be loud at moments when I was trying to convince the interlocutor. It had an opposite effect on the interlocutor, who having heard this type of voice, was going to defend himself by using loud voice too. That is why conversations became a battle in the end. Moreover, I used a lot of data and quotes of other notable people to prove my ideas.

In this case, I would like to sum up that generally I used facts as a proof of my ideas; I also used personal phrases to make sure that interlocutor understands that ideas are mine and convince interlocutor of my rightness. This was quite useful unless I used loud tones. Person’s loud tone makes a bad influence on the interlocutor as after it he/she wants to protect himself/herself in the same way. Due to this research, I understand my mistakes in communication which are going to be corrected.

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