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Free Example of Letter of Interest Essay

It is my pleasure to apply for admission as a student in your renowned medical school. I am currently serving as a volunteer in a community based organization. I have also finished my fall examination and I had an outstanding performance in the final examination especially in biology. I chose to apply this College of Osteopathic Medicine because of its national reputation, the focus on the body as an integrated unit, the strength of the osteopathic department, and the warmth of the faculty and students. In addition to encouraging academic excellence, the college fosters compassion in students.

I chose an osteopathic medicine school because it presents more than a prescription for treatment and it also offers manipulation to various aliments. I came to know about this school through extensive research in the internet and Wilson who is also a student in this college in the year 2009. I have a very strong interest and passion in serving patients in all areas related to medicine and health care. I have no doubt about my qualification because I studied biology, and I also had some additional makeup classes to improve my knowledge in biotechnology and laboratory skills.

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Secondly, I have great enthusiasm in studying medicine and I have a strong believe that my efforts coupled with hard work will be of great help in my studies. I also have a good command of Biology, both practicalís and theory. I am an extraverted person who is always ready to attend to various research activities and lectures in medicine. As a result I feel that I am in progress not only to research maturity but also to advancing my skills in medicine.

From my long-term knowledge about this school I would like to present my whole-hearted application for the position of admission as a student in your esteemed school for an invitation of an interview. This is inline to support my studies in medicine and create a brilliant career in this field in the future. I will appreciate your invitation for an interview.

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