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In their twentieth, most people already finish their studies, find well-paid jobs and start their own businesses, but I do not belong to the majority. I am 27 years old now and this is the time when I finally have an opportunity to obtain higher education.

I have always been interested in the work of law enforcement body. Most of all, I am fascinated by the variety of tasks the workers perform, how selfless they are and how they are respected among people. After school, I was planning to go to the Military academy, but I could not start my studies ten years ago, just as most of my peers did, because of the financial difficulties my family was experiencing. My parents’ salaries were really small, and I also have younger sister and brother, so instead of university, I had to go to work to support my family. I worked in different spheres and it was not difficult to master any job, because I am very flexible and grasp new material very quickly. Moreover, I have good interpersonal and managerial skills, which is really helpful.

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Now, that my siblings are grown up, I can take care of my education. Being an adult, I fully understand its importance for my further life and development, and I am willing to dedicate all my time and effort to fulfill my lifelong dream. I first tried to enter a university last year, and I had to pass the IELTS English test with the result 6.5. My result was 5.5, which was not enough. However, I am very determined to pursue my goal and I am always ready to face challenges, no matter how huge they are. I decided to apply for Kent University this year, because it is in the list of UK top universities and the quality of education here is first-class. Moreover, it would be very comfortable for me to study here, for I live and work not far from it.

Despite the fact that I could not complete my studies earlier, I believe it is never too late to do it, especially now when nothing prevents me from studying. I hope that the completion of the International Foundation Program for Criminal Justice will give me an opportunity to apply for degree study in Criminal Justice and I will develop further.

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