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The second part of Lost in Detention examines systemic abuses that take place in incarceration systems in the United States used to detain immigrants. The Willacy Detention Centre in Texas is of particular interest in the investigative feature. The private-run facility is characterized by numerous sexual abuses perpetuated by guards, the utter disregard of the law and basic human rights as well as massive cover ups. For instance, Mary, a Canadian national detained at the facility for issuing a bad cheque is subjected to repeated sexual abuse by the very people charged with the responsibility of guarding her in the detention centre. She is however not alone as the numerous detainees reported related incidents. This pattern of systemic abuse goes on in spite of the 900 complaints made by detainees and a federal audit conducted in on the facility clears it from any forms of abuse .

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In regards to addressing the problems at the facility, not much has been done as research indicates that a huge majority of the complaints registered by the detainees pertaining to sexual abuse and gross violations of human rights have not been adequately investigated or else resolved. Although there are two guards have been convicted and three stripped of their duty most of these interventions are cosmetic and are aimed at creating a perception that something is being done by the administration to address the problems being encountered at the detention centre. Additionally, nothing is being done to ensure that victims like Mary have access to access to legal representation because in the perception of the federal government, immigration constitutes administrative matters as opposed to civil rights matters. In this regard, lost in Detention is a clear manifestation of a depressing as well as vivid political shortcomings on the part of the Obama Administration with regard to immigration policies.

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