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The media is very powerful in todayís world since it forms and influences most of the beliefs held by people. The content that the media presents, the mode of presentation and the factors that affect the transmission are therefore very crucial. For a government system to function effectively, the media must be free and unbiased. A free and impartial media guarantees everyone with the right to freedom of expression as guaranteed by Article 19 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Nowadays, the media has been rocked by challenges particularly when it comes to ensuring impartiality.

Mass media is driven by technology. Traditional mass media channels such as newspapers, radio and television have had to undergo major changes due to the threats posed by the internet and the World Wide Web. Everything covered in the media eventually affects the society. The media also mirrors the current trends in the society. The media is constantly improving on the content and the information delivered to the audience in order to remain relevant in the market. Broadcast media is more strictly regulated than print media.

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Advertising is the largest source of revenue for most media houses. Companies rely on media channels to make consumers aware of the products that are available in the market (Rolls, 59). Increase in competition between corporate has seen the revenues that media houses make from advertising sky-rocket. Advertisers, especially political ones, usually exert a lot of influence over media houses making them vulnerable to biasness.

Consumers are the kings of the advertising market. Nowadays consumers are more enlightened and convincing them to buy a product has become harder. Online advertising means that consumers no longer have to rely on advertisements in the mainstream media which are highly inconvenient since they normally interrupt the consumerís favourite programme.

An advertiser must get to know their customers. Advertisers have therefore come up with various methods to attract and entice consumers. I have noted common themes being used by advertisers in various adverts. Each strategy is designed in a way to ensure that all the customers are motivated to buy the product that is being advertised (Penny, 131). The most effective strategies are the ones aimed at making the consumer buy the item immediately. Commercials that sell an idea, a lifestyle or a relationship tend to do better than those which attempt to sell a product.

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The most common strategies that advertisers are using in advertisements on radio, television or newspaper involve incorporating humour; repetition; bandwagon, emotional appeal, and use of a celebrity who will identify with the target market. The brilliant advertisers are ensuring that they combine two or three of the strategies in one advertisement so as to lure more consumers. For instance, an advertiser can entice a consumer by combining the bandwagon and celebrity factor.

Advertisers also rely on themes in order to sell their product. The most common themes that I have identified in advertisements include intelligence, money, power, popularity and sex. Advertisers make sure that they integrate the themes with the relevant strategies in order to capture the attention of many audience more effectively. Sex is the favourite theme among the advertisers since it is the one which sells the most. Most advertisers ensure that their advertisements involve an element of sex appeal. The publicís attention is highly captured by sexual innuendos in advertisements. In other advertisements, intelligence, power, popularity and money are projected in such a way so as to potray the message that if you have them, then you can easily get sex. The only way to do so is to buy the product first.

The only way to buy a good product in the market is to decipher the themes and critically evaluate the product that the company is purporting to sell. Advertisements are shown during some television programmes because they are targeted at a certain demographic group that is known to watch the programme in droves. Advertisers are also ensuring that their advertisements are available on YouTube and that they have social media accounts for the products on Face book and Twitter.

The number of T.V channels is increasing steadily. A lot of energy therefore has to be put in creating an advertisement to ensure that it stands out. To do so and feature it in the most favourable hour for the targeted demographic, advertisers are seeking ways of integrating with T.V programming schedules by sponsoring certain programs. In the wake of emergence of social media and the internet, advertisers have no otherwise but to remain vigilant in ensuring that they donít lack a spot in mainstream media through capitalizing on themes.

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