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Free Example of Merging of Businesses Essay

Merging of businesses is sometimes one of the most difficult decisions that executives and managers of two or more organizations can make. A business merger refers to the coming together of two or more businesses to form one larger organization that has better capability to meet and satisfy needs and wants of customers. When two or more businesses merge, various changes are expected in the operations, as well as management of the business. Employees, as well as stakeholders, may be worried about losing jobs or improper administration of the new business. Thus, there is a need for margining business to carry out adequate campaigns to educate or create awareness amongst stakeholders on the benefits of the merger. In the given scenario of Paper Works and Office Machines, the merger of the two companies to form Total Office Supplies would result in the creation of new business opportunities. Accompanying these opportunities are various challenges and problems. It is, thus, essential for the new company, to effectively market itself, so as to win the trust and acceptance of stakeholders. Thus, essay gives an outline of various issues that may be dealt with in the campaign to convince stakeholders through a detailed analysis using the ROPE process of public relations.

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Use of ROPE Analysis in a Formulation of the Campaign Plan

Mullins and Walker (2011) suggest that the success of a business in today’s competitive world depends on the ability of the business or company to effectively produce and market goods and services that can meet various needs and wants of customers. Needs and wants of consumers usually change with time, hence, it is essential that the business organization keeps at pace with such changes in consumer preferences. This involves a wide range of activities that include market researches, proper production techniques and engineering, strategic marketing of goods and services, and extensive distribution and marketing of goods and services. The business must also maintain strong relationships with current and potential customers. Strong relationships with customers can only be achieved by creating a well-known brand images and reputation of the company through public relations.

According to Diggs-Brown, public relation is a process that involves four main stages, namely research, objectives, programming and evaluation. Stages are often referred to as the ROPE Model for public relations.

Research refers to the process of collecting, gathering, recording and analysis of data relating to a given phenomena. In marketing and public relations, research entails collecting information about potential customers and various factors that may affect the performance of a good or service in the marketplace. Through research, the organization is able to determine various levels of demand of goods and services in the market, such as technological changes or changes in consumer tastes and preferences. Market research also helps in finding out the size of the target market and various opportunities that may be available in the marketplace. The primary goal of research is to establish knowledge and awareness amongst target customers. Knowledge can be established through obtaining information from reliable sources and utilizing that information appropriately to make sound decisions.

It is the general idea that the new company, Total Office Supplies, may use research techniques to identify various needs of customers. Information obtained from such market researches would then be used to develop products that would effectively meet needs of customers. Research would also facilitate effective communication between customers and the company, for example, the company may obtain feedbacks from customers through administering questionnaires or face-to-face interviews. Such feedbacks would then be used by the company to develop new goods and services. Research would also involve identification of the current and potential customers. This would further facilitate the ability of the new company to effectively meet their needs.

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Objectives Deal with Setting Various Organizational Goals and Targets

They involve setting various targets and goals that the business entity aims at achieving. With relation to the Total Office Supplies, some objectives that the company may set include determining expected sales volumes, maximizing production capacity, increasing market share and coverage, provision of high quality of goods and services, as well as increased advertising and creation of awareness amongst customers and stakeholders. It is necessary to note that an organization must set its objectives in a hierarchical order, starting with the most vital and achievable objectives.

Programming involves the development and implementation of various plans that are to be used in achieving set goals and objectives. Plans are set to outlay procedures to be followed, in order to achieve set objectives. In marketing, programming may involve the adoption of specific marketing techniques, such as intensive distribution of goods and services, advertising, target marketing and personal selling methods.

Through proper programming, the new company formed after the merger would formulate various strategies for implementing set objectives. The new company would develop and implement or execute various plans to accomplish its goals. Some of the campaign plans that may be deployed, in order to persuade stakeholders with regards to the merger includes sending of direct mails to concerned parties, blogging of all relevant information on the company’s website, making public announcements in both print and electronic media to facilitate the decision-making by the stakeholders, as well as running advertisements in the media to inform stakeholders about impacts of the merger.

Evaluation refers to techniques of assessing the performance and achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Evaluation measures the effectiveness of plans laid down to achieve objectives. The evaluation also entails monitoring and control of programs.

With regards to Total Office Supplies, the company should deploy various evaluation techniques, such as cost/benefit analysis to assess the effectiveness of the campaign plans that were adopted to educate and convince stakeholders on the merger of two companies. Through evaluation, the executive managers would be able to examine outcomes of the campaign plans, as well as various areas that require improvement. Moreover, evaluation would enable the company to take corrective and preventive measures to control any diversion in the implementation of campaign plans and the merger.

In conclusion, there are two key factors that would determine the success or failure of goods or services in the market. Firstly, the product must be able to fulfill needs of consumers. Secondly, the organization must develop appropriate promotional techniques to persuade the customer to purchase products. With a reference to the merger of xxx and ccc companies, the newly formed company (Total Office Supplies) has the sole responsibility to ensure that the merger process is accepted by stakeholders and new goods and services to be offered by the new company effectively meet expectations of potential customers. Through an adequate implementation of the merger and development, and accomplishment of campaign programs, the company would easily persuade stakeholders and customers towards the realization of goals of bringing two businesses together, for example, in order to provide better services to customers. Effective campaign plans, advertising and promotions can only be achieved through decent public relations. It is, thus, crucial for businesses to utilize the ROPE model or analysis to effectively decent public relations with customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. ROPE analysis can also be used in marketing of goods and services.

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