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'Missing'. Missing has a great deal to impart on the behavior of the US in foreign countries .

The crux of the matter is that Americans like their way of life and the Government works to sustain this, yet the citizens are quick to decry secret operations when knowledge of them becomes public. A two-edged sword, people's priorities shift when the matter becomes personal the way in which Ed grows to know his son, just at a time when he may already be dead, is convincingly accomplished. The acting, upon which the plot rests, is generally excellent with Lemmon and Spacek projecting a realistic dynamic in their fraught relationship. The surrounding chaos is well established, although this could be any war-torn South American country (perhaps that's the point).

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The only drawback is that the script is too methodical, passing through the stages of Ed's transformation in a carefully planned sequence. More uncertainty would have helped, although this manipulation hardly detracts from the strong storyline. The movie is a straight forward movie. The movie shows the leadership & action, bureaucracy in action of the American government.

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