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'Modern Latin Class'. Luis Puenzo's in this film visualized a story of 1985, how the aspiration of a middle-class family is smashed. Luis Puenzo's Argentine directed ‘The Official Story’, in 1985, was as well a courageous film (Derry 147). It explains how a painful and unavoidable situation drags a mother's towards the reality of her adopted daughter's origin. In the movie Alicia and Roberto is a happy couple with their charming careers, Alicia teaches the history of pro-government revisionist and Roberto is a winning entrepreneur, made their life happier with the existence of their adopted baby.

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Modern Latin Class by Luis Puenzo

However, over time, the suspicion arises gradually in Alicia that their daughter probably has been a child of a political prisoner, who was latterly disappeared due to the violent political oppression. Puenzo enlarges the increasing suspicion; as a result at the following period disagreement is generated between the couple and leads to a surprising explosion of suppressed feelings.

As an Argentine teacher, Alicia was unaware of many problems carried out by her country's government. When she tries to uncover the truth of her suspicion, her inquiry discloses intensities of political corruption so disgusting that the delusions of her precedent life are crushed forever. In the end Alicia and Roberto are confronted when Roberto said Alicia to forget the preceding events and consider the future, but Alicia leaves indicating her unwillingness to live with Roberto.

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Free Example of Movie Review Essay Conclusion

This movie is however indicated the history of Latin America and it can be said as a symbol of Latin America’s recent past. The movie enlightens the terrible secrets of the Dirty War that was happening from the late 1970s and early 1980s in Argentina. The movie visualizes very closely the dark eras of history when democracy was nothing but a dream. This movie is a susceptible and powerful discovery of ethical character. It can be treated as an additional course in world history, Latin American history, Argentine history, and human rights.

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