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Art refers to traditional aesthetics of a society. Furthermore, art is something that reflects the communal rituals and has deep affiliation with the souls. There are many cultures lived on earth pertain different ritual and customs. But, the relationship of art and ritual in oceanic cultures is much authoritative than others and has deep interconnection between. The traditions of artistic symbols with the rituals of oceanic culture have strong relation between. Therefore, customs and rituals are considered the heritage of society which has moral, cultural and even religious standing (Hatcher, 157).
Interconnection between art and ritual:

Every ritual of oceanic society has a specific artistic influence and background. The large amount is of artistic work like painting, sculpture, wood-carving which is part of the communal ceremonies and religious occasions. Masks and ornamented skulls are also part of ritual and religious affiliations. The artistic work sculptured as well as cultured to the strong believes in accordance to ethical and religious aspects and it may be explained by its ritual context which is widely associated with traditions of human life in oceanic.

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Moral and religious aspects:

Moral and religious aspects in oceanic art can not be denied. Hereinafter, oceanic art has obligatory relation with rituals and is mixture of cultural exposition as well as religious values. Thereinafter, oceanic art is reflection of cultural, moral and religious values together (Ray, 1993).


It could be realized with sculptural, painting and artistic ancientness which belongs to the ancestors whom believes and faith is the integral part of conviction and practice by the successors. It is truly about faith and rituals communally observed by the people of oceanic island. In other words it is the art which is an integral part of not only oceanic people’s maternal life but also for eternal life.

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