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For some reasons, all consider as their duty to give you advice and to declare the cleverest statements about an awful motherhood, plunging you into a panic. Therefore, “a mythological dictionary about motherhood” is defined in our heads from the childhood (Linguey 8). Having communicated with plenty of pregnant women and women who have already given birth to the children, I can share you some of the most interesting myths of the motherhood.

The first myth is: it is necessary to eat well to have much milk.

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Your mother says, “You must eat properly, otherwise milk disappears” (Mansell 16). And you eat, putting on four kilograms or even more. And here, having finished breastfeeding your baby, you see those superfluous 10 kg on scales with melancholy.

Actually, it is necessary to hunger (that is, to eat absolutely nothing) for a month, only then milk can disappear.  It is better to eat useful products and drink the teas improving lactation. Frankly speaking, it happens very rarely when there is not enough milk in the first three months after the childbirth.

The second myth is: breastfeeding spoils your breast.

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Actually, if you do not wear supporting bras before and after the childbirth, nothing will help your breast. It is necessary to forget about lacy brassieres. Only cotton bras and special models for pregnant breastfeeding women will help you. “And after finishing breastfeeding, your breast will return to a former condition”.

The third myth is: you will love your child at once.

Actually, “I was shocked after giving birth to my child when I looked at my son and thought that I do not love him. I was ashamed of these thoughts and ran into a postnatal depression”. In the first month, you will really force yourself touch your own creation. But when your child suddenly smiles you (and this usually happens in a month), something will change your attitude to him/her, and you will understand that you really love him/her. So, be ready that you will feel as a loving mother not at once. It is necessary to get used to a new role.

There are many myths about motherhood. You can only guess why people around needed to intimidate you. Many problems even would not arise unless these myths were knocked in the head of a young mother from the childhood. The only solution is to learn about their insolvency by your experience.

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