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Free Example of Movie and Storytelling Essay

Movie is not a simple storytelling. Chen Kuo-fu, Chang-dong, Deepa Mehta and many others contributed into the development of the movie as a social voice. Narration changed to the story developing, so it became easier to catch attention, but harder to show all variation of people’s lives. It may seem that Personals, Oasis, Water and Suzhou River represent a certain idea and the call for a "second awakening", but here is another truth. All mentioned movies are a platform for mourning. The modern society did not learned lessons of the past.

China, India, Korea and other east countries trying to deal with issues in a new way, however, are not ready to give the opportunity for women. Considering the term "second awakening", one should take into account that on the East the first wave of awakening has not finished. The means have changed, but the ideas, proclaimed earlier are the same. Women living in these cultures are constantly facing with the need to fight a two-fold foe of the old social prejudice and new sexist exploitation. As a result, it is easier to avoid wrangles and try to tolerate the unequal attitude. This tolerance makes women suffer and is the ground for their self-destruction.

In the films, the women are treated like things. The sexism is manifested by men, as well as by the members of the women’s family. However, the society defines and controls behavior. As a result, most of the rules were set to please men. Women must always look good or even perfect, obey and keep silence. These ideas define the women’s life according to the culture she was born. Without means for existence, the families neglect women especially if the husband suddenly died. The woman is burden for everyone and the only requirement for her is to give birth to a child and take care about man. The way the families arrange marriages is the proof that no one is interested in changing the situation for better. Therefore, the Indian culture is one of the oldest in the world, but the ideas, which society is trying to keep and follow despite everything, make the society unbearable. On the one hand, according to division into castes, it is easier to control the society, but on the other hand, what will happen, if one day it does not work?

The family is the key factor on the way of perception the woman as an individual. Education is important only for the boy, as he is supposed to support his own family in the future. It is considered that the education is unnecessary for the girl. Despite the fact, that she could have great talent, which she needs to develop, so everyone will have profit. However, tradition in this case, kills the embryo of the talent in the womb.

The behavior of mothers was controversial. On the one hand, they wish all the best to their child; while on the other hand, they somehow manage to destroy bridges of the trust between mother and daughter. The desire is built on the cultural frames, to fit the system and is usually around the family and children. In addition, there is no other suggestion, especially when the frame falls down. In this case, women can look for someone to fill the hollow inside, and that is not a way out; often this someone treats her in the same way. The consequences are abuse, neglect, tears, and complete self-destruction

However, the nature of the woman is that she can create from scratch a masterpiece, her main aim is creation. Although, not all women are aware of this and the binds between the families are too strong to tore them straight away.  If every woman was independent and had, her own secure place, she could influence on the development of society. It is crucial to have the wide opened eyes in order to be involved into decision-making. However, the fact, that the man is not ready to step of the same level and do not use prejudice woman, make this claim a blur spot on already mutilated body of society.

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