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Racial Stereotyping: Sport teams should not use the Native American names, because those names create racial hostile environment and promote racial stereotypes. For example, NFL Washington team nickname is “Redskin”. This name contains the stereotyping connotations, and dictionaries define it as offensive o.  Besides, such sport teams like Cleveland “Indians” and Kansas City “Chiefs” use Native Americans as mascots; they apply the stereotypical caricatures with red skin, big nose, and a full headdress. Such depictions are very offensive to Native Americans. It resembles them about the exploitation of their ancestors in the past. The issue of racial inequality is relevant for such a progressive country as the U.S. The Native Americans were discriminated in the old times, when they were exterminated and herded into reservations. Moreover, those people originally were regarded as the inferior race and handicap implementation of colonization. The Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on skin color, race, religion, or ethnicity.  For that reason, usage of Native American mascots is not only pejorative, but also an unconstitutional act.

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Religious Offence: It should be pointed out that sport teams use some things (like chants, dances, and drumming), which are extremely significant for Native American people. The Atlanta “Braves” sport team uses the tomahawk chop while dancing. However, they do not understand the real meaning of this tool. The Team of Illinois University uses sacred dances, and does not consider about the trivialization of symbols. Native Americans do not consider such actions to be ridiculous, because those symbols have the religious significance. Sport teams do not use the Christian rituals, because it is considered to be a blasphemy. However, usage of Native American symbols is also a blasphemy, isn’t it? Those symbols and rituals is the cultural heritage for Native Americans. They value their religion and their past, for that reason, such offensive treatment outrages them.

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