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Free Example of Native Science versus Western Science Essay

In this video presentation, Professor Little Bear analyzes the issues surrounding what he calls “Western Sciences” as opposed to “Indigenous Knowledge”. The lecture in this video outlines the tenants of indigenous thought juxtaposed to the Western Paradigm.

Bear argues that the western scientists may have appropriated the notion of science. The entire approach of science in what it appertains, and what may be accepted as real science. Numerous facts seem to be left out in the western science. He points out that the existing approaches simply evoke more questions with no answers that seem to come forth. A major point that ensues may be the notion that scientist should not challenge the underlying philosophical base to make discoveries. Bear continues to allege to Einstein’s theories of relativity to ascertain this notion. Several tenants of the native thought may be conspicuous in the lecture: the constant flux is one of them. The second one concerns energy waves that appear spirits. Thirdly, the animate nature of all things explains the allegation that everything in black foot has spirit. The fourth tenant explains that everything may be related; and the final one is the notion of renewal. The tenant of renewal goes on to state that life has patterns, which enhance existence. According to him, the Grand Unified theory may not happen to apply the standard model.

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Little Bear identifies the difference between Blackfoot and English. In one occasion, he claims that people would be termed as true speakers of English when they use their vast inventory of words as pigeonhole where they slot experiences into; on the contrary, Black Foot speakers carry an inventory of sounds, which they use creatively. They are proficient at making combinations; it is like a periodic table of words. Other differences that appear between the languages include the fact that English may be noun-oriented whereas Black Foot action-oriented. Bear further distinguishes the advantages and disadvantages of the two languages. The notion of time may be overemphasized in English and quantum physics whereby it appears as a space-time continuum.

According to Little Bear, it may be possible for Blackfoot speakers to collaborate. He emphasizes that if physicists learnt Blackfoot, they would be able to explain scientific concepts precisely. He thinks that Blackfoot may be rich enough to expound paradoxes that exist in English and mathematics. Bear uses the analogy of the Higgs particle that would simply be termed as the spirit in native languages. He argues that the spirit, which is underlining commonality of everything, may be pertinent. The issue of the Grand Unified theory do not poses a suggestion that a strong collaboration should exist between quantum physics and native science for certain possibilities to exist (Bear, 2011).


In conclusion, the video presentation has shown the paradoxes that English could easily be explained using the indigenous language. Western scientists may have appropriated the notion of science making it hard to understand. The tenants of flux, energy waves, and everything being animate and relevant with each other may also add up to the notion that there could be collaboration between the native knowledge systems and science. 

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