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Thomas L. Friedman shares his opinion on the current approach to education in the US and worldwide in his article New Rules. He starts with a good example, taken from Wired Magazine, briefing the readers about the educational innovations and know-hows in the Estonian system of education. The example of elementary kids learning the basics of programming is a solid proof that the country wants to stay a step ahead of the other countries in the field of programming.

Friedman refers to the overuse of President Clinton’s phrase, which happens to be totally out of date. He persuades to work harder and play by the rules of the current US President Obama. New approach needs to be developed. He insists that obtaining a good job requires more efforts to be applied. Education should be constantly developed and refreshed. He explains that President Clinton’s phrase simply remained in 1992, with undeveloped technologies and America being a key player in the world. Since the world became an open globalised system with rushing developments, studying is a requirement to follow for the entire life.

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Friedman explains how the world has changed on the example of the daily routine of the Times magazine journalist, which became very informative. He states that to become a reporter, “you have to work harder and smarter and develop new skills faster”. The author refers to Van Ton-Quinlivan and 4 sets of basic skills that he develops today. They are people, who are “ready now” and able to work without any additional training. In case there are none, employers look for “ready soon” employees, who need certain training or additional special courses to jump right in and start working about the delays. Next come “work ready” people with college diploma only, requiring training with the company first. “Far from ready” potential workers are mostly presented by the school dropouts, who possess a single diploma only after finishing high school.

Friedman shows that according to the statistics the rate of unemployment today is highest for the school dropouts and those who have a high school diploma only – 12 and 8.8%, respectively, while it is the lowest for the college or university graduates – 4.1 percent only. He summarizes with the agreement on the new statement from Clinton, supported by Obama, stating that government has to “prepare more Americans for the new jobs that are being created in a world fueled by new technology. That’s why investments in our people” — in more community colleges, Pell grants and vocational-training classes — “are more important than ever”.

I believe Friedman is quite right. He made a clear point as of what should be considered of primary importance in the nowadays education, and it should not be left behind. Rapidly developing world of new technologies and opportunities makes the best job offers available to the best of the best, experienced professionals or experts with the up-to-date education in the field. I support the author’s intention to look at the education as not something necessary, but as the essential part of our life, defining our future and allowing us to make a step forward, leaving the general crowd behind.

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Working hard could be more than enough to succeed a few decades ago, but not nowadays. We have to get used to the new concepts, new demands of the modern world. The first step to get closer to success is understanding of what we are expected to be. This also includes the ability to foresee what should be done or needed in the future, i.e. we have to move forward to succeed. Staying stable in the same place leads to failure and lack of development. If we can predict or foresee the demands of the closest future, we should be able and make the next step. It includes preparation to the next stage, i.e. improving personal skills and qualifications, in particular, by means of self-education. Provided we follow this pattern, make all the necessary steps and change ourselves according to the current needs and requirements, we will be able to compete with a lot of our competitors, having a significant advantage of readiness and preparedness to the challenges, brought out by the modern unpredictable world. Hard work, supported by continuous education and followed of the new rules of life, is what it takes to succeed in the complex world of today.

Most US schools tend to provide good academic knowledge to their students. They are scouting for the best experts in their fields, hire world-known professors and do a lot of other seemingly useful things for the sake of their students. There is only one thing that is left out – most curriculums need immediate amendments. Some of them need to be changed in the core, and some should better be replaced. This is explained very easily: world is changing every day, bringing new demands to what should be taught, while educators do not spend too much time making any amendments to what they teach at most schools. Graduates are often quite smart, but fail to find a decent job as it requires practical skills or at least the pragmatic and practical approach, unlike the theoretical one, taught at the educational institutions.

I have to agree with Toffler’s statement “In the future, illiteracy will not be defined by those who cannot read and writer, but by those who cannot learn and relearn”. In terms of nowadays, the basics of education are available to everyone. It does not matter if we are talking about the home schooled children, high school dropouts, who did not manage to stay in school for a few months to get their diploma, or high school graduates with extremely low average marks. It is more of a standard today for all the people to know how to read and write, and nobody is willing to ruin this axiom. As we move to the future, people might remain on the same level of self-education, but, naturally, society will be raising its standards, as well as business and employers will do. This means that in order to get a decent job, and keep up to this job, holding a university degree will not be enough. Constant refreshment of the acquired knowledge is required, along with studying of the new, useful information that cannot be left out in the work process.

Thus, considering the fact that modern world is prone to changing itself all the time, people should try not to stay behind, and constantly get in the race with it. Persons who do not go forward, do not progress, go back by the definition, as everything else around them changes, leaving them in the past. Only those people, who are able to accept the changes, get a part of those changes, can make a step to the next level, and become the top players in any field they like, as long as they never stop learning and self-educating.

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