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New technologies are the only way to solve the troubling issues of the people all over the world. During the 1994 Rwandan genocide some 50-70 thousand people died because they had no access to clear water, and naturally, waterborne diseases developed and infected the people. Nathan Jones from Hydration Technology Innovations says their company offered people the HydroPack, a compact plastic piece that can absorb water from any liquid-containing source, and provide about 500 milliliters of water within the next 12 hours. Water, produced in such way, is safe for immediate use. Forward osmosis allows HydroPack to generate water, absorbing it from the environment. It is much cheaper to deliver such packs to disaster areas than bottled water, and helping out flood-suffering Kenya, earthquake-shaken Chile and Haiti totally prove this point.

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The HydroPack is an example of how one company can find the solution for a worldwide catastrophe. Other private sector companies also made their contribution to keeping the agencies on their toes. Puralytics is the technology that allows sunlight to purify the polluted water, while Got Produce Company solved the hunger issue, using pop-up greenhouses, allowing to grow fruit and vegetables within a month. Other innovations include Gigacrete company, building foam houses, able to withstand the winds of up to 300 km/h, German company Losberger, producing mobile inflatable shelters, used to construct filed hospitals.

Development Innovation Venture (DIV) fund tends to promote more and more projects like the ones mentioned above. The fund itself was launched in 2010 and already received 1200 applications, 2 dozens of which were sponsored and realized. A number of new projects are awaiting their evaluation. The fund has 3 kinds of grants it offers. When the project has proof-like character, it receives $100000, second stage with fully ready countrywide projects get up to $1 million of funding, and the globally reaching projects, launched internationally, can be granted up to $15 million over the few-year period. Program aim is to fund innovative projects, looking ahead into the future. Projects that can develop instantaneously are the most valued ones.

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